#MeTooindia Movement fire: Some of famous Bollywood Celebrities are troubled

Indian media and the entertainment industry is awestruck after the #MeToo fever. The entire industry is racked with the allegations on eminent men as sexist. The Twitter thread is multiplying posts every hour. A flood in the nation after the #MeTooindia surpasses the #MeToo movement.


People especially men are now in fear. Several journalists have opted out of their shoes; production firms have locks at their door and authors are issuing apology publicly. So, men, girls are no longer ready to be a subject of your conversation and an object for your satisfaction.

#MeToo movement – A Storm supporting women to speak up the ugly truth

Several Cases That Leave All In Shock – #MeTooIndia
  • The Nana Patekar – Tanushree Dutta issue is still loitering with allegations from the latter and justifications from the former. Where Nana Patekar is no accepting his guilt, Tanushree Dutta is firm in her decision.
  • Comedy Host Kaneez Surka accused comedienne Aditi Mittal of sexual harassment. In her tweet, she alleged that during a comic show,  Mittal walked up to her on stage and implanted a kiss forcefully.  #MeTooIndia

  • Reportedly, Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao were about to start a film with Subhash Kapoor. After an allegation was put up on the same for sexual assault, both the Khan couple step out of the project.
  • Four allegations against filmmaker Suhel Seth, the master player. Out of four, one is minor. Natasha Rathore took to Twitter to share her #MeTooIndia movement
  • The best selling author, Chetan Bhagat issued an apology to an unnamed woman on Facebook after she posted snaps of WhatsApp chat affirming that the author tried to woo her. But things do not settle for Chetan here. A couple of days back, another woman alleges that Chetan Bhagat approaches her sexually. According to her, Chetan asked her interest in sex. But the author counteracts the statement saying: She is an erotica writer. She told me to co-author her book. All the conversation was related to work, and I have no interest in her personally. He believes that #MeTooIndia is now taking a wrong step.
  • Nine women accuse former junior foreign minister MJ Akbar of sexual assault. So, politicians also enter the race. A former journalist assaulted women in the name of interviewing them in hotel rooms. Calling for stupid conversation, the hotel meets and then attack. Great strategy Sir!


  • The movement hits the not so Sanskari Alok Nath also. Actress Sandhya Mridul accuses the famous Sanskari Babuji of sexually assaulting her. And he is truly too Sanskari. Back to back allegations unmask the real face of the actor. After Sandhya Mridul, Vinita Nanda and now Deepika Amin states that His Drunken Behavior is woeful. She writes on Twitter :

Donald Trump alleged of having sex with adult star Stormy Daniels

One that Will Make You Doubt But it’s a Truth

Another bug in the music industry. Singer Sona Mohapatra alleges Kailash Kher for assaulting her. She says: Kailash Kher tried to put his hand on my things once. Here, I won’t say much, have a look at the female singers’ tweet #MeTooIndia:


What And Why #MeTooindia?

#MeToo was trend sorry is a trend, but #MeToo india is trending. Social sites are overwhelmed with enormous accusations of respectful Indian men. Women have surpassed the pards system long before. Transformation is lifestyle has changed the way of society. But one thought that still needed a call to action was sexual assault. Plenty of cases, few so extreme that lead to death. The #nirbhaya case chills down the spine. Women were not able to speak up or put their point forward socially. Even if one gained the courage to voice, she was slut-shamed.

But wait, girls, you now have an open platform to sham these clingy men who mind rape you. Let’s join hand and speak injustice again and fight for our right.


Yes, she is a girl, and she has the right to do all she feels. But no one gives you the right to assault her sexually. If you do, she will now see you in public.

C’mon people let’s applaud this excellent cause!


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