Mexico Offers Momentary Permit To Migrants Caravan Seeking Asylum

Mexico has presented temporary jobs and identification papers to migrants caravan who register for refuge in the nation. They are stepping up efforts to halt the progress of a US-bound migrant caravan that has infuriated Washington.

Additionally, Donald Trump the US president has threatened to shut the US-Mexico border. Also,  cut assistance to Central America to try to stop the caravan migrant of numerous thousand people. The officials the US have said that up to 1,000 crowds may be sent to the southern border to avoid the migrants from passage.

Also, Enrique Peña Nieto, the Mexican president, said that caravan migrant wishing to obtain short-term identification documents. Along with education or jobs for their children could do so by scheduling for refuge in southern Mexico.

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“This arrangement is only for those who abide by laws of Mexico. Enrique Peña Nieto said in a pre-recorded deal with the broadcast on 26th October Friday, It’s the first step towards an everlasting solution for those who are contracted refugee status in Mexico,”

To meet the criteria of the scheme, he called “Estas en Tu Casa” which means make you at home. The migrant caravan had to be in the southern states of Oaxaca and Chiapas, the president said.

Short-term work in the states would be extended so as also to assist Mexicans, said, Enrique Peña Nieto. He will leave the workplace on 30th of November.

Rising this issue of Caravan Migrant rapidly 

Also, the caravan migrant, which is stirring through Chiapas on the boundary of Guatemala, has facilitated Donald Trump. This is to campaign hard on prohibited immigration ahead of the midterm congressional elections. The election is on 6th of November, in which Republicans are battling to keep direct of Congress.

The officials of Mexico have said those caravan migrants who do not meet the requirements for immigrant status. They are responsible for this condition.

The government of Mexico has said that over 1,700 people in the group have registered for refuge while others have come back home. Calculate on the range of the group vary.

The Honduran ambassador to Mexico, Alden Rivera, told the radio of Mexico on 26th October. He said that the caravan migrant could reach Mexico City by next week. He put an “authorized” headcount at 3,500, calculating that at least 2/3rd of them were among Hondurans. The migrant caravan set off in Honduras nearly 2 weeks in the past and has picked up further Central Americans route.

US President’s view

President Donald Trump on the morning of 21st October Monday appeared to take hold on information in the right-wing press. He mistakenly connected the caravan marching toward the southern boundary of the US with the rebel group ISIS.

In a tweet, the US President warned that “unknown Middle Easterners and criminals are mixes in” the migrant caravan. This is of thousands of Central American refuses to flee violence and poverty.

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The US President Donald Trump did not support his claim with any facts. The White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, told journalists on 21st October Monday afternoon that Donald Trump “totally” had evidence to specify there are Middle Easterners in the migrant caravan.

Sarah Sanders, though, did not provide exact information on the matter. And it was still dense what evidence Donald Trump had to signify the existence of such persons in the caravan.


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