Movie review: Badhaai Ho; a worth watching social message

After a sparkling performance in Andhadhun, Ayushmann Khurrana has now delivered another masterpiece from his box of talent. In simple words, he has mastered the way of getting fit into any character seamlessly. Badhaai Ho movie elaborates about the mentality of our society on PDA (public display of affairs). It also has a mid-aged couple’s sex life is discussion and criticism in the movie. Especially, when Ayushmann’s (Nakul) mom gets pregnant.

Characters of the movie

Gajraj Rao (Jeetendar Kaushik) and Neena Gupta (Priyamvada Kaushik) played the role of parents of Ayushmann. Ayushmann (Nakul) and Shardul Rana (Gullar) are siblings in the movie. Sanya Malhotra (Renee Sharma) is playing the role of Ayushmann’s girlfriend.

Sheeba Chaddha (Sangeeta Sharma), Surekha Siri (Grandmother, Dadi) and Rahul Tewari (Junaa) are supporting characters in the movie.

Badhaai Ho Movie Review Bollywood Tricky Truths

The Storyline

The Kaushiks is Delhi-based family, living in Lodhi Colony. Here the family affairs turn into long discussions and gossips of adjoining neighbors within seconds. And then Jeetender and his wife Priyamvada find that they met with an unexpected pregnancy. The whole society gets aware of it after some time. All the family members are shocked, and neighbors also started their criticizing gossips.

The thought that is troubling in the movie – “is this something parents are supposed to do at this age.” It is irritating him even in the intimate moments with his girlfriend, Renee. This family comedy-cum-drama movie shows how this kind of situation creates instability within the family. It followed many embarrassing outcomes of their mid-age romance.

Badhaai Ho Movie Review Bollywood Tricky Truths

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What Makes Badhaai Ho a worth watching?

In spite of some glitches and not-so-impressive society matter, the performances of stellar casts can impress you. However, the primary objective of the movie might not fill your expectations. But still, there are many serious issues about our society. The film has highlighted all these points considerably. The audience will get a combo of laughter doses with some usual saas-bahu dynamics, and noticeable topics of mid-age romance sex life.

Songs and music are up-to-the-mark, and the audience may find them unnecessary or distracting. The flow goes with the ups and downs of Nakul’s life as he faces this unexpected family situation while living happily with his girlfriend. That’s why the combination the of background score and the theme might be confusing to the spectators a bit. However, Ayushmann pulled off the performance in his glittering way and made this cinematic show watchable.

Badhaai Ho Movie Review Bollywood Tricky Truths

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Noticeable Picks in the plot

Director Amit Ravindernath Sharma has beautifully cast every person from minors to majors and harnesses their skills on the screen pretty well. The best scene in the movie is the conversation between Renee’s mother (Sheeba Chaddha) and Ayushmann. Here he points out the criticism that his family is facing due to society. Also, society did not understand the situation. The scene further turned into apology situation where he speaks in his terms.

Overall Badhaai Ho earns plentiful esteem. The theme of the story is a bit gambling for the audience, but it is capable of deserving top credits, especially from the critics. With a unique and upfront story line-up, this film can be a great addition to one of the overrated masterpieces of B-town movies.

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