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The last few decades witnessed Hollywood take a massive turn. Picturizing tales loved by kids etched in their books but not the way it’s always been. The Mowgli trailer is not the way it used to be always. 

Not the way kids love to see or have read!

TrickyTruth- Mowgli the dark side

This time a little dark, a little dusty!

2016 depicted a significant view in the Jungle Book, but as the trailer of Andy Serkis much-awaited movie has hit the online portals, people are now gala and eagerly waiting for 19th October.

Wondering why?

C’mon, Mowgli would go live then!

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A Quick Review

The debut trailer of the deeply loved tale of Rudyard Kipling – Mowgli is out and viral. The trailer has infused a sense of thrill and excitement among all.  The trailer reflects a darker view of the story and promises a mature outlook to the same.

Of course, this is not what you read in your childhood books. The Jungle Book narration is far more sensitive and beautiful to both read and watch. The footage specifies that this time Mowgli is having a tough time leaning into the origin of the titular. Along with the wolves and most importantly with the guidance of Bagheera,

Mowgli in jungle - Trickytruth

Mowgli is all set to envision a new view frame.

The trailer reflects a hard-hitting attitude of Mowgli while he is on the way to experience wild adventures. Besides that, the Benedict Cumberbatch boils the atmosphere with his fiery and monstrous look. He is scarier than his prior version in Jungle Book 2016.

He is caged by the villagers, fighting to survive between Humans and Animals. A federal child is facing the cruelty of men and women as they think him to be outside. And yes, he is not from the breed of humans. Mowgli thrives and in the jungle. All the short glimpses add more excitement to unlock the adventures hidden!

The Set, The Ambiance, The Picture – All In One Trailer of Mowgli

CGI works are justified in the trailer. The wild and exotic landscapes with a touch of flawless animal performance are truly mesmerizing. The director is mostly successful in inducing exotic locations with the help of computer-generated sound and light. Having said that, how does the movie do on screen is something to unfold. Undoubtedly, Andy is an excellent director, and his realm is direction is polished and progressive. And what does this movie has in store?


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Wait A few days before the mystery unveils. 

Cast – Mowgli Trailer Review 

Christian Bale voice of  Bagheera,

Benedict Cumberbatch as Shere Khan

Cate Blanchett as Kaa.

Andy Serkis as Baloo,

Freida Pinto as Messua


Rohan Chand as Mowgli


Stay Tune To 19th October as the Movie Unboxes At The Box Office

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