Mr. Putin & Modi annual meet – A Relationship Between Warmth and Affection

Russian President In India – A Relationship Between Warmth and Affection. The annual meet between Mr. Putin & Modi.

As the news of Russian President visiting India went viral, tweets overwhelmed all across the nation. Of all, the one that gained immense attention and series of retweet was;

The two are currently at the Hyderabad House in New Delhi. A round of bilateral talks to gratify his presence.

Key Highlights – Mr. Putin & Modi Meet
  • An array of deals signed by both the PM Narendra Modi and Mr. Putin today.
  • PM Modi seek to sign the S – 400 deal in spite of the US sanctions.
  • The today’s meeting is third in the row this year.

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The Annual Bilateral Summit – Mr. Putin & Modi meets

Last year, Indian PM visited Russia to initiate talks with the Russian President on 1st June. Prior to this, Modi visited Russia’s coastal city to induce into an informal summit with Russian President Mr. Putin. Several issues tabled the discussion.

This year, Mr. Putin is in India for the bilateral summit. Not just to meet Mr. Modi but Putin will also hold a conversation with the President Ram Nath Kovind the following Friday. The major issues to be discussed includes:

  • Influence of US sanction on crude oil.
  • Supplying the extended version of the S-300 missile system.
  • Russia’s S-400 is the longest missile and India procures to turn his defense more strict and tight.
  • India plans to acquire Russia’s 4 Krivak-class frigates, wife two would be built in India.
  • Under the deal of $2.5 billion,  two ships are sought to be built at the shipyard of Goa and two acquired from Russia.

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Mr. Putin & Modi – Annual Meet Discussion

As discussion between both has started. The leaders expect to sign deals for the defense that comprises the S-400 missile system of Russia. China has already signed deals for the purchase and India is next in queue. Though US government warns nations purchasing the missile would face tough sanction. India is not in a mood to step back. Despite the warning, India sought to go ahead with the deal. Russia is one of the eminent suppliers of hardware of missile to India for decades.

On a two day summit, Russian President Mr. Putin & Modi would sign nearly 20 significant pact related to space, defense, nuclear energy, and economy. The major target of the summit is to stand by the counter-terrorism exercise by both Russia and India namely Indra -2018.

The Russian Head is accompanied by an array of a delegation comprising of the Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, Trade and Industry Minister Denis Manturov and the Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and greeted by the minister of Indian external affairs earlier yesterday morning. A grand dinner hoisted at PM’s place the following night.

5th October 2018

Here is what Mr. Putin & Modi would do throughout the day as he steps in the Hyderabad House, New Delhi.

11:00 hrs: Both the heads, Mr. Putin & Modi meet at Hyderabad House, New Delhi. 

11:30 hrs: Talks pertaining to Delegation

13:30 hrs: Exchanging agreement and statement of the press

14:30 hrs: Interacting with a flock of talented children. ITC Maurya, Central Garden.

15:30 hrs: Addressing the business summit of Indo-Russia at Kamal Mahal, ITC Maurya.

16:30 hrs: A meet with the Indian President at Rashtrapati Bhawan.

17:40 hrs: Emplane


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