Nepal Striking The Chord – Announced doubled the Tiger Population

Nepal Striking The Chord – Announced doubled the Tiger Population 

Tiger, which is the symbol of power, courage, willpower, and strength. This big cat is on the edge of extinction, and countries have the tiger population is working hard to save tigers. A recent survey conducted with the incorporation of camera traps stated that the tiger population 2018 has dramatically revived to 235. As in 2009, the count was 121 and now 235 is a significant triumph. The secretary of Nepal of the Ministry of Forest and Environment exclaimed that their primary priority is to save tigers.

And seeing such an increment, Nepal considers it as a huge success. A major step to conserve wildlife, the doubling of tiger population is a proof that Nepal is not taking the Tx2 movement seriously.

Though there has been a drastic decline, yet now the world is witnessing a change. Besides that, a sudden increase in the tiger population in India within a decade is worth praising. Therefore,  it would be worth to watch the tiger population density after the plan ends in 2022.


How they track on counting Tigers?

To keep a track for Tiger population is no easy task, it requires enormous attention, latest gadgets, a great team to work and time.

Let ‘s have a look at the amount of efforts team has put.


Tiger Population Photography

Pandemic Poaching and rampant killing have been the major reason for a decline in tiger population for years. Also,  wildlife destruction being an add-on. Instead of a consensus done in 2010, the total tiger population has drastically crumbled to 3200. This could be accounted as a 97% decline in the overall tiger count past 100 years.


Big Cats Heading Towards Extinction

Tiger Population 2018

Because of such a massive decline, the WWF in the year 2010 came up with a plan to unite thirteen nations from across the globe to step forward and aim at doubling the total tiger population, improvising tigers from their brink back to an acceptable level. The goal named as Tx2 saw several nation’s commits to square the tiger density by 2022.
The government of all the nation’s held a summit to devise an effective plan for recovery of tiger  population and outlining measures to attain the target. We seek priority in ensuring tiger conversation amd also indulge into providing significant investment for mapping the necessities.

An Initiative For Change

Tiger Population 2018 Survey

Indeed, we aren’t unaware of the fact that the major threat to tiger extinction is poaching. Nation’s saw the urgent need to combat poaching to uplift the future of tigers. Nepal has emerged as a nation taking lucrative steps through an intense wildlife protection act to deter activities related to poaching. India is no way lagging behind. Our government has taken optimal strategies to provide feasible conditions so that tigers can breed and peacefully thrive.

Aligning Success – Tiger Population
  • The first survey conducted in Bhutan summed up to 103 tigers.
  • Russia tabled the count of Amur tigers as 540.
  • Several shreds of evidence proved the presence of cubs of Amur tigers in China.

Tiger Population - Cubs Animal Kingdom Tricky Truths

The major nations shining out from the Tx2 goal has been India and Nepal. India has shown a rapid increment in the number of tigers periodically. The year 2006 depicted a count of 1411 which elevated to 1706 by 2010. This steep rise did not stop there. A massive flight took 2014 when the total tiger population density in India summed up to 2,226.

Surprisingly, the tiger population density across the globe is 3980, out of which 2,226 dwell in India.

Most importantly, the numbers are rising and leading all, Nepal took immense pride to state that the total tiger population density has doubled within a decade.

We hope that such practices and initiatives will save our wildlife, save the planet and of course save our beautiful Tigers from extinction.


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