New Mobile Apps to Transform Your Life in An Unexpected Way

Over the years, the development of mobile applications has changed a lot. It is stirring to see the newest trends in the mobile app resolutions. Day by day we are seeing some mobile apps launching every day. Following are some new mobile apps to transform your life unexpectedly.

Apps to Transform Your Life


EVERNOTE is one of the major digital filing cabinets. You can put everything there. You can set account information, daily tasks, passwords, regular appointments, birthdays and anniversaries and many more.

It makes the life of the user simpler. You can take pictures and tag them with special captions. The user can also scan PDF files with no effort. This is the app that keeps your memos and notes planned and organized. No more misplacing or losing essential and precious documents. It’s one of the latest apps to transform your life.

Indian Rail Train Info

This app is an inclusive mobile app that offers you a list of Indian trains, live train timings, PNR status, and train schedule, sharing and tracking PNR information by email or text message, find direct trains from different stations, and so forth. This mobile app is bliss for regular voyagers and harried travelers who do not want to log into IRCTC every time they need to check the status of the train or know how many trains are available between stations. It’s one of the pretty cool apps to transform your life especially for people who regularly travel by train.

Constitution of India

There are only a few who have actually ever uptight to read the Indian Constitution? The constitution of India which has made the country a republic country, it is hardly read by some folks. Although people know about some fundamental rules and acts stated by the constitution of India, they are not aware of the main acts. This mobile app offers you the complete constitution in brief at your fingertips. The mobile app is free from advertisement and really simple to understand. It makes reading a few as complex and big as the constitution a simple task.

Home Remedies (+) – Natural Cures

Being a native of India, you always love the ‘gharelu nushke’ for every disease or illness and here is a mobile app that helps them get the finest home remedies for their sickness. This latest mobile app allows you not just surf through remedies for the scheduled ailments, but you can even ask queries and get answers to your disease or illness if you cannot find it in the record. The mobile app also has a list of questions asked by other users which you can contact.

The Gaana App

The answer to Spotify India has launched a digital music service, Gaana. It is a mobile app that has changed the life of music lovers, it allows you to stream music where ever you go. You can make playlists of your choice or can just listen to random songs on its playlist. This music app is accessible with 2G settings in India.

Expense Manager

Are you in a wonder that where all your earnings go at the end of each month? Not able to wait for your next month salary? Then the mobile app, Expense Manager is ideal for you. It keeps records of all your expenses and illustrates you where and what you used up. You can also make scheduled payments and make returning payments through this mobile app.

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