New trends in Android app development

Every year, a wide range of technologies used to launch with the primary purpose of making our living better and more straightforward. Way back on the year 2008, Android came with its first OS version. Since then, it has continued its legacy of launching a chain of upgraded features for redefining the consumer experience. With a worldwide market share of more than 80%, it has become the leading player in the industry of cell phones and to uphold their basic place.

Android app development in present years

As the year comes to an end, the Android app development starts with the record of the new trends going to hit the market for the subsequently coming years. At era, innovation may refer to modest iterations in offered technologies, but for others, it could illustrate entirely foremost renovate and transformation. Android Apps has, by its very nature, always been at the front position of problem-solving but now user experiences are dominated by the newest trends.

Listed below are some of the most developing trends. These are to keep an eye on in the sphere of Android app development in present years.

Search Option within App:

With the launch of In-App Search, Android is helping customers to find any content on their mobile phones. However, as compared to the conventional search option provided in all the Smartphone and Android tablets, the feature of In-App search represents the Google search bar within those applications which, are being already installed on the Smartphone of customers.

Also, Google has impeccably integrated this feature into admired applications together with Gmail, YouTube, and Spotify. Nevertheless, they are about to enlarge the number of applications supported by In-App in the upcoming years as well.

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The Launch of Android Instant App:

With the aim to offer users with quicker access to Android applications, The Instant Apps was launched by Google. Now with an only click, customers can download applications instantly like web pages. Besides, it will install only in a division and not fully downloaded on the portable device in full size.

Android Instant apps are further compared to normal web page traffic. Thus, the tablets and mobile phones won’t get full with several applications which, we need only for a once purpose.

More Strict Android App Security:

Security of an android app is a vital factor to consider for every consumer. With the watch to satisfy the software security needs of consumers, Google is about to come with a sequence of the app. They have based on security refinements for the operating system of Android. Also, even though the Android Instant Apps is fresh to the mobile world, still, it is deploying a runtime consent model.

Android app-science and technology-feedaddy

This model is efficiently integrated with the latest Android. This proves that it is an extremely safe and secure feature. Regular security updates significantly help in increasing the total app’s security and make the interface easier and safer.

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Over the years, several changes have come up for the Android of Google. Thereby evolving from a plain Smartphone Operating System to powering a series of other devices. Keeping this in consideration, a sequence of refinements has come up in the area of Android app development.

Thus, for trade willing to expand their contact in the Android market, getting in touch with professional app developers. It can greatly help them to stand at the forefront of their competitors and efficient as well.


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