Nuclear Family: Emerging as a major cause of problems for married life in Indian society

The first and foremost immediate setting on the social level – Family – holds a lot of importance. Three major components are involved in mental health – Psycho-Bio-Social – for an individual. The family is the socializing institute for individuals of the society. However, this essential factor of society is now divided into two primary components – Joint and Nuclear family.

The ties that made the family is now divided into the kinship making one of the birth while other of the procreation. The nuclear family usually comprises of parents and kids which is not a universal means. However, this mode of the family has a lot of effect on every single member.

How relevant is the concept of Nuclear Family in India?

India follows the concept of joint families. However, with the advancement, this concept is slowly but gradually changing. Now, people are developing the nuclear family concept same as the west. Even the census data elaborates the changes in this structure of the family. Now, more than 90% of citizens live with only three to four family members. The main reason is to become financially stable. In addition to this, the children are now growing more independent and inclined to academic and personal development.

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Every member of the family is now sharing the responsibilities equally. This helps in promoting self-development and independence among families. Earlier, there was a single person who was responsible for fulfilling the requirement of family and making decisions. However, now the time is different. In the current scenario, the family is moving towards disintegration and depending to become nuclearize.

Influence on Love and Daily Life

There is no doubt that every single individual has to face the consequence of every decision. The nuclear family is one such decision that affects everyone throughout life. Here are the main problems on how it can change the love and daily life of members.

  • Breakdown

Tricky Truths Lifestyle Modern Family trends

Mother have to focus on the needs of every single member of the family along that wears her down. Especially, the kids can overwhelm and exhaust parents who left no space to mend their relationships. Since there is no help from extended family, it becomes difficult to cope with every single need alone. With no balance, it becomes common to face depression, stress, and anxiety.

  • Exclusion of Extended Family

  • Tricky Truths Lifestyle Modern Family trends

There is no doubt that in some nuclear family, the bond among parents and kids is lifelong. However, it also has the effect of isolation towards other relations and relatives. This becomes a challenge during a hard time. Even the kids are not bonded well with their grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts, etc.

  • Lack of Support

  • Tricky Truths Lifestyle Modern Family trends

The perk of joint family is immense support from all the members of the family. Whereas in a nuclear family, there isn’t much support during a crisis such as financial issue or illness. The problem arises when both parents are working which increases their requirements and expectations.

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  • Resolving Conflicts

Tricky Truths Lifestyle Modern Family trends

This also effects the conflicting between the married couple. Having a few disagreements among members is natural. However, when we stay in the joint family, the dispute is forgotten soon making it an advantageous point. Whereas in the nuclear family, the disputes are difficult to forget since there are not many viewpoints. Hence, it becomes essential to deal with the conflicts and opinions of others.

  • Self-centered

  • Tricky Truths Lifestyle Modern Family trends

The focus of the family is now shifted towards the immediate family members. Members are not involved in the life decision of other members and are more concern about their life facets. The emphasis more on setting up their viewpoint with selfish thinking and tendencies. However, this has influenced the narrow mildness’ of members.

The end-point

Many people prefer raising their kids in a nuclear family, especially divorced and single parent. However, this mode doesn’t guarantee any happiness and success for obtaining ideals. There is not even a single family that is perfect. Everyone has their dispute and problems. The thing that matter the most is how to grow out of it, in nuclear as well as joint family.

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