OnePlus Fights Horrible Decision As Apple Destroys Launch Date of OnePlus 6T

Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, has announced that the much-awaited launch of the OnePlus 6T. It is going to happen one day before than announced previously.  The launch date of OnePlus 6T has a reason for preponing. Let’s find the cause. Apple is determined to steamroller into the Shenzhen-based manufacturer’s tactics. They are set to ruin the reveal of the flagship with its modernized iPad Pro.

New Launch of OnePlus

OnePlus is one of the leading players in the premium more than Rs 30,000 segment in India. Thanks to the fame of its reasonable flagship phones, OnePlus has even managed to knock shares of Apple in India. Through OnePlus 6T, OnePlus is at this time looking to take the encounter with Apple on the home turf later.

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OnePlus previously this year selected London as the worldwide launch spot for OnePlus 6. The group also announced opening pop-up shops in the US and locations of Europe, a move expected at expanding the existence of OnePlus in latest markets. For OnePlus 6T launch, OnePlus will be organizing an event in the US.

Launch Date of OnePlus 6T Will Be One Day Earlier

Ahead of the commencement, OnePlus pulled off an additional publicity act by changing the OnePlus 6 launch date to October 29th, 2018 from the previously announced 30th October 2018. The company blamed 30th October event of Apple for a modification of the previous date.

Pete lau One Plus 6 Launch TrickyTruths Science and Technology

“A lot has changed just in a day. When we announced the commencement of the OnePlus 6T on 8th October, we were influenced that our timing would allow us to maximize the number of people we could reach with our points. That changed when Apple declared they would be hosting their occasion on 30th October,” wrote CEO Pete Lau in the post in a blog.

He also added, “We couldn’t compose this verdict on our own. For long hours, we talked to our contacts in the media and press to gain insight into how the announcement of Apple could affect the launching of the OnePlus 6T. We received considered thoughtful and honest feedback. They showed us that if we picked to stick to our real timeline, launching the OnePlus 6T on 30th October, we would be overshadowed by Apple.”

Oneplus Faces An Intimidating Task In The Clash With Apple In The US

smart phone One Plus 6 Launch TrickyTruths Science and Technology

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OnePlus isn’t only relying on advertising stunts to gain grip in the US. The corporation is said to be working with one of the leading native telecom players Verizon for OnePlus 6T. According to the reports of PCMag, OnePlus 6T will include support for Verizon. The phone is estimated to come with LTE Band 13 which is supposed to be “essential” for Verizon network.

Apart from adding sustainability for one of the leading local networks, OnePlus is also said to launch OnePlus 6T with iPhones-like carrier agreements. The carrier bundling will facilitate OnePlus to provide OnePlus 6T at more attractive and affordable prices in the US. A previous report had claimed OnePlus 6T will instigate with T-Mobile and will have optimized radios for the set of connections.

Also, OnePlus is stated to be working on related deals with Vodafone and EE, two leading players of telecom in the UK.

One Plus 6 Launch TrickyTruths Science and Technology

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That said, OnePlus faces an intimidating task in the clash with Apple in the US. According to a report by Counterpoint, in the second quarter of the year, 2018 Apple had 40% of market share. Samsung followed at the subsequent spot with a share of 25%. Motorola, LG, and others all together have 35% share.

Worldwide, OnePlus doesn’t figure in the table of top five smartphone troupes. A different Counterpoint report, nevertheless, noted that OnePlus was amid the top fast-growing brands for the Q2, of the year, 2018.


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