PM Modi’s Decision To Cancel Meet – Imran Khan finds it arrogant

The True face of Imran Khan has been revealed to the world

A true face of new Pakistan Prime Minister came out when India canceled the meeting with Pakistan at UN. Imran Khan tweeted and called India arrogant for the denial. This is not a cricket match where you can show your disappointment when a batsman is hitting sixer on your ball.  He must understand that such peace meetings are being held several times since the division, but all the time Pakistan government has broken the trust.

Key Calls
  • Owing to the massive riot in Jammu and Kashmir yesterday, India has called off the UN meeting with Pakistan.
  • Imran Khan shown his disappointment and stated that India had portrayed arrogance by deterring the meet.

Couple of hours back a significant statement by  Indian PM Narendra Modi aggravated the Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan. Modi denied attending the Peace meeting as initiated by the Pakistan PM. To this, Imran Khan agitatingly tweeted:

Indian government took a significant step on Friday by canceling the meeting scheduled to take place in between the foreign minister of both states namely Sushma Swaraj and Shah Mehmood Qureshi. The meeting was sought to revolve around the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. India could not stand the brutal killings in Jammu and Kashmir. Also, the postal stamp release gracing the terrorist was a barbaric step by the Pakistani government. This has cleared the trails of Pakistan not in a state to mend his ways.

These two major developments forged India to state a rival statement. The Pakistan foreign minister also did not miss any chance to counteract the report by India.

Imran Khan does not seem to accept the denial

She exclaimed that: It is highly derogatory to see that India is not ready to join hands with Pakistan. An opportunity of peace we initiated but India drove it off.

Though Pakistan is looking for ways to solve issues with the Indian government, it is likely that the Indian government is facing intense issues. The PM believes that all Pakistan can do is give a hand to resolve issues, only if India is ready to accept our offer.

Qureshi considers that Pakistan longs for leveraging the relationship between the two nation but India is engraving issues. A step by the Pakistani government to induce empathy between the nation has been burped off.

Though the act seems stubborn and agitating to the Pakistani government, how does the Indian PM Me Narendra Modi responds to this remark is what we look forward to.


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