Pollution In Delhi: The Same Smoggy Story Every Year

The planet in which we all live and wonder about is possible to undergo demolition shortly. The credible reasons shown in the daily print of newspapers tend to make us feel one of those palpable cut clichés. We have roughly started to hate in period newspapers ever came to their subsistence.

The media coverage of the alarming and grave degree of pollution in the cities of India with maximum companies. Some of them are Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, and Noida. They have now brought the nation into an unpromising state of chaos. It has been quite evident in the current estimates that our country has an unambiguous majority. This majority is mainly in giving the list of the chief ten most polluted cities of all time. And no wonders, Delhi is on the top. Pollution in Delhi is increasing day by day.

Responsible Factors for Pollution In Delhi

The entire town of Delhi covered in a layer of smog had its visibility decreased. Additionally, the toxic gases lead to widespread hazardous diseases creeping out in the whole nation. It was forecasted, the things were to get any inferior from here than the entire country would have suffered. The result is the loss of numerous lives and deaths.

Delhi pollution smog feedaddy latest news

The foremost reason attributed to the pollution in Delhi is smog. This smog was of the toxic gases emitted into the air by the industrial units. It also includes the dust ejected by the construction industry when destroying a building. Somehow the administration seemed to be uncertain in covering the cause of the extensive amount of air pollution created by the burning of the firecrackers at the time of Diwali the Hindu festival.

Since the festival is relatively connected to the religious feelings of the natives and any such comment or statement could have been seen as blasphemy by the community. However, in the opinions of experts, the harmful effects of this work needs to find its awareness before the eyes of the administration and suitable measures need to be taken to decrease their use in the nation all over.

Harmful Effects Of Pollution On Health

According to a testimony published by the UN, the level of pollution as measured in parts per million has gone beyond the levels of the alleged exceedingly hazardous stage that it believes the whole nation needs to have passed circumstances of an elevated alert.

Delhi pollution smog feedaddy latest news

However, no such actions have been taken as the citizens; continue to suffer from the troubles of nausea, suffocation complexity in breathing, clogging of respiratory strips, irritation, and rashes on the skin. If the same conditions are to exist in the nation, it is clear that this planet as a living place would no longer be feasible for life and humanity. 

Cleanathon – Cleanliness At It’s Go! A mission to Make India Clean, Green & Healthy

How to be safe in Delhi during pollution?

Delhi pollution smog feedaddy latest news

Unfortunately, people living in Delhi need to stay here, but they can adopt some safety tips. Here are a few tips to protect you and can save you in Delhi during pollution:

  • Try to stay indoors at maximum, time, and close doors and windows when possible.
  • Avoid exposure to open-air dust clouds.
  • Always wear respiratory masks when going outside.
  • Avoid stretched or heavy exertion in areas of high dust pollution.
  • Eat a balanced diet – consisting of plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, and ‘healthy’ fats – that may protect you from some of the effects of pollution.
  • Consider using AC as it may help decrease air pollution inside the room because of their effective filter systems.
  • Place indoor plants because plants are the best resource of purifying the air.
  • Seek medical suggestions if experiencing increased symptoms such as conciseness of breath or hay fever kind symptoms from dust.
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