PUBG can cause serious mental problems know why?

Digital World has changed the way we view everything. Technology spawns across all domains. And the gaming industry is also triggered by the same. The online world has turned into a royal battlefield. A plethora of games to enthrall all the gamers. People go gaga over the effects, the feel and all in the online games. The one trending since long, ie, PUBG.

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But what’s there that make PUBG so trending?

Recently, you would have seen people talking about PUBG. Enormous memes, people updating scores, comparing it with their friends and a lot more. But those who still have no idea what PUBG is, we bring you a quick recap.

An online game after Fortnite that has overpowered the online gaming world. Since it’s online, you would need an internet connection. Not to worry as nowadays, wifi decks every desktop.

Much like the “The Hunger Games,” you start from scratch and collect equipment as you play. Scavenging and gathering weapons as you go. But wait, it’s not so easy, while you are on your path to collect weapons, 99 other players, back you to check you out of the game. Elimination raises to peak when you have your friends following you. Interesting?


Sounds good!

So, summing it up, PUBG is an online multiplayer game both developed and also published by PUBG corporation.

An excellent game where 100 players dive in the area to look out for weapons while trying to save themselves from being eliminated. As the game progresses, the safe space keeps on reducing. This compels the survivor to fight hard and your probability of staying substantial decreases. The one to survive until the end wins. Choose to play along or build a team on heading towards victory.

Your island is a fusion of rural and urban environment which shrinks as the game progresses. But all these were the right things. This game is captivating minds of all and a threat induced in all.

Pubg girl tricky viral

But why is PUBG harmful?

Such an exotic game, every day millions of people play this game. But still, something is not right. Addictive yet most popular, PUBG has its drawback. The game is continuously driving negative impact owing to its performance and hacks or region locking. But that’s a software glitch.

People are finding it hard to pop out of the gaming environment even if they are not playing. The game overpowers Their minds and considers it tough to live in reality. To quote words of a player

I have been playing PUBG for two weeks now, and I am starting to notice that it has affected how I react to my environment, so here they are. Whenever I am walking through the park, I constantly am looking behind myself and snap my head instantly to where sounds came from. I am overly aware of cars passing and feel an urge to crouch and hide from them. Whenever I hear a sound even vaguely resembling a gunshot my heartbeat jumps, and I look for the “person” who “fired the shot.” My friends have commented that my walking pace is faster and quieter than usual. Throughout the last few days, I have had the urge to steal two jeeps and one motorcycle. I feel like I in need of mental help.

So, you see how people are getting affected by this exact game. What do you feel?

Drop your comments below.

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