Quantum Computers Are Finally Here: Smarter Than Supercomputers

A new invention comes inside a small laboratory in the lush countryside approx 50 miles north of New York City. A highly structured tangle of electronics and tubes dangles from the ceiling. This clutter of tools is a computer. Not just any other PC, but one on the threshold of passing what may, possibly, go down as one of the essential landmarks in the history of the branch – Quantum Computing.

Quantum computers guarantee to run calculations far ahead of the reach of any usual supercomputer. They might transform the discovery of new equipment. This will work while making it achievable to imitate the behavior of matter down to the minuscule level. Or they could overturn the security and cryptography. This will work while cracking otherwise unconquerable codes. There is still hope they will rule on artificial intelligence by cruising through the data more resourcefully.

Only now, after years of plodding progress, are experts finally close to creating quantum computers. They are potent enough to do things that usual computers can’t. It’s a milestone somewhat histrionically dubbed “supremacy of quantum.” Google has been primarily the control toward this achievement. While Microsoft and Intel also have outstanding quantum efforts. And then there are sound-funded startups such as Righetti Computing, Quantum Circuits, and IonQ.

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Supercomputer Vs Quantum Computers

How Quantum Computers are better than Supercomputers?

Supercomputers are built similar to conventional computers but are several times bigger. So they can process more information at a quicker rate. On the other hand, Quantum computers are a whole new and elevated level of processing speed.

Thus, in a duel between a supercomputer and a quantum computer of equal size. A quantum computer would win, by an outside chance.

The Infinite Possibilities for Quantum Computing


From generating new vaccines to smart capital applications, the pledge of computing is almost never-ending. For instance, experts and professionals are working on the platform of computing. The motto is to detect road traffic jams 45 minutes before they take place. Nevertheless, to realize the latency of quantum computing, consistency on fundamental quantum concepts is essential. So the IEEE P7130™—“Standard for Quantum Computing Definitions” ventures were launched.


In recent articles, “Quantum Computing Will Modify Everything, and Sooner Than You Imagine, Whurley, Quantum Computing Working Group Chair (IEEE)” presents a glimpse into the future development of computing. He discusses the several great applications and endows the first step towards the unbelievable future. It is the developing standard definitions for elementary concepts in computing.


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The Race Of Investments And Funding

Investments and Funding into Quantum Computing have attained new heights. The European Union and China have empowered billions of dollars into latest research facilities and tools for quantum computing efforts. China, especially, has eminent its Quantum Computing proposals to a nationwide goal to surpass the US in the coming ten years.

China is responsible for overall funding into Quantum Computing proposals are still not clear. However, as rumor suggests the government of China is developing a US$10 billion National Laboratory for Quantum Information Sciences in Hefei, at Anhui region, which is supposed to open in the year 2020. According to a government report of the year of July 2016, US-funded latest research into quantum computing is around US$200 million per year, a figure some companies and researchers do not consider is enough investment.


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