Ram Mandir: The Moment Is Raising Again, All Eyes on Indian Government Now

As the election approaches, the phase of turmoil has risen in politics. Ram Mandir: The Moment Is Raising Again, and every political party wants to comment on the topic, some to gain votes and some to gain their chairs back. Below are some points which make clear that it’s all about the sentiments of religion.

In Dharmanagari Chitrakoot, BJP state president Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey on Friday targeted the SP and the BSP. They said that there are parties such as SP and BSP they only misuse the sentiments of the public. At the same time, the BJP is known as a party of democracy.

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On the formation of a separate party of Raja Bhaiya and Shivpal Yadav, he said that this would not affect the BJP. At the same time, on the question of calling Hanuman Ji a Dalit, Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey said that now Bheem is engaged in remembering Hanuman Ji with the Army. The BJP is committed to the Ram temple.

On another hand, BJP’s ally Shiv Sena on Monday said that if the government does not bring a bill to build a Ram temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya, then Parliament will not be allowed to run during the winter session starting on Tuesday. Shiv Sena MP Chandrakant Khaire said that he told this in an all-party meeting convened by the government before the winter session begins. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also involved in the conference.

Khair said after the meeting, “Shiv Sena is demanding that the government bring a bill in Parliament for the construction of Ram Temple. If the government does not do this in the winter session that begins tomorrow, then our party Parliament will not let it go. ”

In the meantime, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Narendra Singh Tomar got over the question that the government will bring a bill to build Ram Temple in Ayodhya, or not. Tomar said that this agenda was not an all-party meeting.

Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray had said in his tour of Ayodhya last month that if the temple is not built in Ayodhya, then the BJP government of the Center cannot “walk.”

They demanded that the ordinance should come in this regard. Thackeray had said that in the BJP’s manifesto for the 2014 general elections, it was said that the possible solution to the Ram temple issue would be sought while under the constitution.

JDU’s National Secretary-General Pawan Kumar Verma has reversed the statement of former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah’s Ram temple. Pawan said that Farooq Abdullah did not preach to Hindus. He said that since God is in the heart of people, why do they make the temple but it applies to all. What are they trying to say? Because God is in our heart, why cannot we build a temple?

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Pawan Kumar further said that people go from their reverence to worship in temples. No country has ever made the status of faith versus development. We do not want to hear Abdullah’s advice like this. Explain that Farooq Abdullah had said yesterday while blaming the government, “You are not fighting essential issues for the people.

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