Relevance of religion and spirituality in the modern world

The human race is at crossroads at present. On the one hand, extraordinary advance in science and technology is noticed. During the last decade, this advancement is making life more enjoyable and comfortable. On the other hand evil qualities of humans such as greed, jealousy and egoism are threatening to tear the world separately. In the modern world, there are many things that we don’t talk on.

Problems Arising Out in the Modern World

All issues confronting us can be placed under two broad categories. One category comprises of problems arising out of uninhibited materialism that is the thinking of people. The only goal of the life of people is to collect wealth and enjoy all the delights of life. These people think that wealth is the major attribute of human existence and that while producing money the end justifies the earnings. Someone exactly remarked that those who believe money is everything would do the lot for the money. Thus we have extortion, corruption, murder, exploitation, and rape.

Spirituality religion feedaddy

The other category of problem represents issues arising out of spiritual and religious fundamentalism and factionalism in which people are claiming exclusive privileges over god and forcing their theory of god on others and people who for some causes believe that they are inimitable and need a place only for themselves and cannot live with others.

Navratri Meaning and significance of each Navratri day

The violence taking place in the name of religion is most unfortunate as all religions preach love, peace, kindness, and brotherhood of humanity. In this context, the significance of ancient Indian scriptures is particularly appropriate. Since time immemorial the primeval scriptures have been stating that Truth is one but wise man calls it by many names. But some people think that they can copyright God and this attitude leads to conflicts and intolerance.

Impact of Indian Scriptures on Violence

The Indian scriptures have laid down the aspirations of life of humans. The scriptures are the Dharma-moral code of conduct, Karma-fulfillment of desires, Artha-material prosperity, and Moksha-self realization. But man these days has almost forgotten Moksha and Dharma and is busy pursuing Karma and Artha.

Ganesh Chaturthi – Myths & Belief

Some of the main preaching’s of Indian Scriptures are mentioned below:

  • There is nothing wrong in earning capital through lawful means and having the pleasures of life. But human should not forget the crucial goal of human life, which is Moksha: that is self-realization.
  • The richest person in the world is not necessarily the happiest person. Many moneyed people ruin their lives by turning into awful habits to get the utmost kicks out of life.
  • That wealth by itself cannot promise happiness is evident by the fact that countless rich people flock to gurus and ashrams going through many sufferings instead of staying in luxury rooms.
  • The fleeting physical pleasures cannot satisfy the desire of the soul of the human, which is seeking lifelong happiness. The human mind is always impatient and when it gets something it longs for out of the ordinary. It is obvious that man cannot be happy by trying to gratify his mind and senses.
  • Indian scriptures firmly state that to achieve real happiness with resting the mind through meditation and experiencing our exact nature.


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