Ryan air Passengers Records Baggage Handler Dashing Luggage at Manchester Airport


Two days back, a short video that went viral across the globe created massive unrest. A Ryanair Passenger films a video depicting a baggage handler vehemently dropping bags of passengers into the tow truck. A passenger on the flight FR3233 between Malaga to Manchester witnessed the act as her flight landed. She saw her assortment being flipped in the air before they could touch the ground, this boiled her anger more. The Ryanair Passenger catches baggage Handler on camera. 

 A deliberate act – Mishap Of Passengers Luggage

When Elizabeth Evans catches a glimpse of the baggage handler throwing luggage into the converter belt, she films a video to bring this indecorous act to everyone’s notice. A moment comes when she expresses her grief after seeing her baggage fly in the air. She views her pink suitcase flapping in the air and then hitting the ground instead of the cart. Her voice is audible in the video as she said – Yeah, That’s Mine!.

Baggage Management At Manchester Airport

Airport Baggage Handler Belt

Baggage Handling System is a process of transferring luggage at the airport from the check-in terminal to the plane cargo. Staff at airports take immense care of the belongings of the travelers. While you meander towards the security check, your baggage is touring its journey.

Passing through the conveyor belt, the baggage arrives at the desk where a tag is put on each specifying the destination of the same. Now, the bag automatically passes through conveyor belts where the barcode scanner decodes the attached tags and cut their path. While en route, the baggage crosses several x rays and another security check before heading towards the plane cargo.

Security at Manchester Airport is largely catered to stand by the safety of the baggage and the traveler. Owing to the incident that took place two days back is a matter of utter shame for the airport authority. When you pay so much of care to mitigate bags from desk to cargo, mishandling at the end is unacceptable.

Passengers Accusation Against Baggage Handler

The 29-year-old, Elizabeth Evans, voiced her despair. To quote her words;

I am shocked and largely angry. It was my new case. The case is embossed and the layer offering protection is drastically hampered.

It is evident from the Ryanair Passenger video that the baggage handler is too careless about the luggage of the passengers. Also, the way he tosses the baggage to the conveyor cart is sheer proof of the irresponsible staff of Manchester airport. The baggage handler holds no concern about the property of the passengers.

And not just one,  a total of five pieces of baggage slides away from the conveyor cart as the baggage handler throws it rigorously.

This incidence has boiled up the temperature at the Manchester airport, Ryanair. The public relationship between the Ryanair passengers and airport staff  Besides, the bagger owner is not is a mood to settle down.  

Call From Manchester Airport

As the video went viral, the Twitter feed of the airport took to respond stating that each aircraft employs a personal handler for baggage. The Swissport is responsible for hiring such an unprofessional person. Also, the CEO of the airport struck social media and stated that such an act is not acceptable. The misbehavior of the Swissport employee stands intolerable and hence, they would take significant steps against him.

Notwithstanding the above allegation, a spokesperson of Swissport stepped forward to apologize for the misbehavior. Besides that, he added that all the employees are well-trained and cater to the expectations of the passenger. However, the incident that took place on 20th September stands obnoxious. Also, the Swissport is likely to conduct an investigation of the isolated act and necessary steps taken to prevent the same from occurring again.




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