Safety Travel Tips For Women Travelers in India

Travelling is love, we all do it & dream of exploring cities. Exposure to the tradition, arts and culture are what all of us look up to, But wait, traveling is not just about packing your bags and head out on vacation. You need to consider the place, the means and above all your safety.

India travel tips

Talking About India

And when India comes in the picture, travelers need to pay a little more attention and especially our female foreigners. No no, India does no bad to them, after all, we believe in

अतिथिदेवो भव: -The guest is equivalent to God’


Media creates havoc in the minds of foreign travelers. And fear is not a thing to carry while you are on vacation. However, be safe. So, here we have few Indian travels for you when you next visit India.

Top Safety India Travel Tips
Perform intense research:

Touring India is not as simple as hitting the beach in California. A whole set of exposure to tradition, culture and diversified languages and people. India is a box of unmatched treasures. Do a little research about the place, the crowd and the kind of people would help you be safe. India is the second most populated country, and so it is obvious to view a jetlag and chaotic view. Major cities as Delhi, Mumbai are crowded. Indians have the habit of leaning and standing so close that you can feel their sweat. So it’s not that they are trying to assault women. It’s the way they are.

India travel

Avoid traveling alone:

It is not true that every place is unsafe to travel alone, but safety is always a major concern. If you are moving to the remote areas, go in a group or with any male companion. If you do not have any companion, then go with a tour guide from a reputed tour agency. Avoid traveling at night if you are not a group.

Monitor Your Clothes:

It’s not a place like Canada or Australia that you could slit in your shorts and crop tops. India is different. Tradition and culture are the beauty of Indians. And so, it is advisable that you keep a little decency in your wear. Play safe to be better. Loose fitting clothes that seem modest is preferable. Also, don’t be friends with men you don’t know. It’s good to sneak out in pubs, no one would stop you, but as the saying goes, your dignity is your jewel.

Is India safe to travel

A subtle difference in Confidence and Politeness:

You never know who is staring or scanning you. The way you carry yourself determines your stay in India. Be confident to portray that you are self-independent and does not seek help from others. Women who are easy getter are the primary target of stalkers. Stay calm and avoid indulging into unnecessary fights.

See Ways You Connect With Men:

The way you relate to men is highly essential. If you are too polite with the president educated or the low section of the society, you are seen as a tool of Satisfaction. Or, they perceive you as giving an open invitation for sexual assault. It’s good to be friendly but sometimes what you do are considered as wrong signals. Unfortunately, foreigners being affectionate are termed as easy getters. So, track moments and be safe.

India travel guide

Always Carry A Cell Phone:

People are nowadays obsessed with gadgets, and so a cell phone is a must. Nowadays life is a lot simpler with the advent of digitization. Cheap phone and an Indian sim card would do. You would, however, require your Visa and passport for the same. Let safety be in your own hands.  It is always recommended to inform about your traveling spot to your concerned people. Do let them know about your traveling destinations.

India travel tips


Whether you travel alone or in a group, your safety depends upon you. It’s not whether you are a male or a female, safety is for all. Though female travelers are prone to greater attention, many times, people go beyond that and body shame them. Try cover up with a shawl. Do not expose much. No PDAs, please. And always stay away from the group of men. You never know when and where you are attacked.


Travel Safe – Travel To Icredible India.


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