SBI Customers Alert: Follow THIS or lose personal and financial data

SBI Customers Alert: Follow THIS or lose personal and financial data

Banking or financial institutions have been at the receiving end of a lot of online attacks these days. Taking note of that, the State Bank of India (SBI) has alerted its customers that they might lose their personal or financial details. The bank has further advised customers to follow a “safety tip” that will eventually save them from “losing personal or financial data!”

  • SBI  advised its customers to not download apps from sources which are unverified. “Your Safety is our Priority! Here’s a quick security tip that could save you from losing personal/financial data!” SBI tweeted.
  • “Download apps only from verified sources. Do not download any app on the advice of unknown persons,” SBI said. The bank has further said that it is possible that messages including OTP, PIN, CVV may be read remotely.
  • Last week, cyber security researchers warned that Chinese hackers are targeting SBI users with phishing scams, asking them to update their KYC using a particular website link and offering free gifts worth Rs 50 lakh from the bank via a WhatsApp message. The research wing of New Delhi-based think tank CyberPeace Foundation, along with Autobot Infosec Pvt Ltd, studied two such incidents on the name of SBI that were faced by some smartphone users. “All the domain names associated with the campaign have the registrant country as China,” the  research team said.
  • In March, the research team had also pointed out that several users of the SBI were targeted in a phishing scam where hackers flooded them with suspicious text messages, requesting them to redeem their SBI credit points worth Rs 9,870.

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