SBI OTP fraud: Check how to avoid falling for the scam or lose your savings

New Delhi: With the rising usage of technologies in financial transactions, there has been a sharp rise in the number of cybercrimes happening across the world. As a result, banks frequently share advisories with their customers regarding best practices to follow while transacting online. Banks often tell customers not to share One-Time Password (OTP) or click on dubious links that might be a part of a scam. In one such scam, SBI bank customers are being targeted by Chinese hackers. 

Hackers are targeting SBI customers in the name of KYC verification, according to a report by CyberPeace Foundation and Autobot Infosec. As part of the scam, hackers will first send an SMS or a WhatsApp message asking customers to update their KYC via a link in the message. 

Upon clicking on the malicious links, customers are asked to update their KYC details. Separately, you’ll receive an email regarding the same from the hackers. The link redirects you to a web page that looks exactly like the original SBI website. 

However, upon paying close attention, you can see that the URL is different from the original one. The original SBI’s website is

On the fraud website, customers are asked to enter their SBI banking details such as username, password, and captcha information, among others. Upon entering the details, you’ll receive an OTP from the bank. Also Read: Gold Price Today, 9 July 2021: Gold cheaper by Rs 8,300 from record highs, perfect time to invest?

Using the credentials and OTP, scammers can transfer money from your account. Therefore, it is requested that never fall for any KYC related scam. Also Read: Sensex tumbles over 300 pts in early trade, Nifty tests 15,650

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