Self-Lubricating Condom: Makes Sex Easier And Reduces Infections

Men no longer have a pretext not to use a condom. As part of the competition of Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation ‘to design an improved range of condom,.’ Experts have come about with a self-lubricating condom that gets smooth when wet. It can also potentially remain up to a 1000 thrusts.

Condoms have continued living forever, and every year, efforts are made to make it more interesting. They always remain the best safety tool against sexually transmitted infectivity. Even with their ease of use though, they stay behind in the least popular picking of contraceptive in India. This is according to National Family Health Survey of the year 2016. What’s inferior the same survey has shown that its use has reduced over time.

How Do the Self-Lubricating Condoms Work?

A specifically-designed layer of hydrophilic polymers covers the surface of the condom. It has become lubricated when it get in touch with moisture.

Now a person can buy condoms that have a thin layer of lubricant already applied on it from the marketplace. But users often find fault about the layer that wears off during the physical interaction.

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The experts claim their condom can remain up to the thrusts of 1000 counts. Usual sex does not last more than 100 to 500 thrusts, so that makes this innovative condom quite durable.

Now you do not always have to buy lube from the marketplace to improve the smoothness of the existing condom, although again users have restricted success with them.

Super Condom Can Last Up To 1000 Thrusts

Super Self-Lubricating condom can remain up to the count of 1000 thrusts.

According to the reports published, a group of assistants was asked to rate the 2 condoms on slide and slip. 73 percent of these volunteers rated the self-lubricating condoms higher than other. In what could be an upbeat impact, many users who had not at all used a condom before said they would be more expected to try these new super Self-Lubricating condoms.

Medical trials involving couples will begin in a subsequent year.

Meet Condom That Promotes Sexual Health & Climax Friskiness

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Experiencing vaginal dehydration is nothing to be ashamed of. When it comes to usual lubrication down there, everything from the period cycle and birth control to the diet and a hydration level can play an important role, meaning the situation of things might well have not anything to do with the level of arousal.

And shortly enough, you won’t need to rely on that dependable bottle of lube in the nightstand drawer when one needs assistance: A self-lubricating condom is in the facility, and it could make a large difference for the expectations of sexual health and climax friskiness.

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Away from sexual experiences as pleasing as possible, the extra-slick polymer layer is applied to solve for some problems. It’s trouble-free to put on, more satisfied for both the partners and can help evade mid-sex condom breakage that can occur due to pitiable lubrication methods.

Furthermore, hopefully, the effortlessness of wearing combined with the experience improvement will make people want to make use of them, which could, in turn, decrease the level of STDs and unplanned pregnancies.

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