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Click with a trick

Social Media has changed the life of all. We live in a world of social apps. Be it Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, our day starts and ends with it. Checking feeds, posting updates, her boyfriend, ex-ki girlfriend, from everyday gossip to trending news, social media has all. But-but-but, one of the most important activities that keep up going socially is posting pictures. What’s trending is people opting for selfie tips and tricks to get the best. 

Selfie tips and tricks -tricky truth

People are obsessed with clicking images. And the advent of a rear camera has made it more trending. Selfies are everywhere. People keep posting images now and then. Wondering if this the golden age of selfies or what are the selfie tips and tricks? 

But what are selfies? Many time we have no ideas as to how many selfies can you click in one day. Snapping your phone, tilting it a bit and using your front camera to click your picture simply is the answer to what does selfie mean. Before you step out to snap an image, make sure you have considered few makeups hacks to look the best.

Selfie tips and tricks -tricky truth

Click and post. And then starts the entire journey of checking, rechecking, commenting and being live. Agree?

But all of this is possible only when your post is picture perfect. Quick selfies are good but often lack the charm it should possess. Here, we draft a few of the selfie tips and tricks that would help you master the art of capturing moments.

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Selfie Tips and Tricks For You

Selfie Tips and Tricks - trickytruth

  • Lights are essential: But the right amount for the best selfie pose. Overwhelming your picture with light would picture all minute aspects of your face. Emotions, thoughts, wrinkle and bags all pop out dramatically.
  • Keep Your Phone Between The Source Of Light and You: Standing behind light would make you look like a silhouette. One of the best selfie tips and tricks is to stand to look up the light and the phone placed in such as way that light hits your face directly. Another excellent selfie tip is to click behind the curtains cutting the sunlight.
  • Tilt Your Phone Instead Of Your Head: One of the most common hacks or rather selfie tips for a perfect picture is to tilt your smartphone to capture sight. Often we tilt our head to hit the perfect angle, but that makes you look like a tangent. So, prefer fusing your smartphone instead.
  • Stay Away From Shadows: While looking for selfie tips and tricks, what we often overlook is Shadow. Casting reflection on your face would very well distort the entire selfie. Snapping images with a spell of light might appear as if you have big eyes. Hence you must avoid, preferring clicking in low light.
  • The Proper Use Of Flash: Having seem few of the best selfie tips and tricks, such as avoiding shadows or perfect light, you might want to click post dawn. You could be in a pub or disc and seeking a selfie to update your Snapchat story. Here, the best selfie tips are to use flash of your phone. An optimal light for an effective selfie.
  • Smile Naturally: A real smile and horizontal selfie shine. The best selfie tips are to be the way you are no. Don’t try to pose or act in a way that you are not comfortable in, be natural.
  • The perfect filter for the perfect selfie: This being one of the most crucial selfie tips 2018. A good picture can be spoiled if you don’t edit them right. So, choose the right app and filters that would Photoshop it the way you want. But be careful that you don’t overdo it. Use filters but mindfully, don’t just set the highest limits for all.

Selfie Tips and Tricks - Tricky Truth

Click But With A Trick

So, as said you should keep in mind the above selfie tips and tricks. However one of the most important things you should always take care about is the place you click a selfie. Don’t just start posing anywhere and everywhere. There have been myriads of incidents where people died while snapping a picture.

Selfie Tips and Tricks - trickytruth

It’s good to stay connected but not at the cost of your life. 

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