Love Selfies Or Killfies? One wrong click can be your last

Selfies are trending all over. People simmer at the thought of snapping images, wherever they are. The induction of social media has dramatically made lives of all easier yet complicated. We love to go viral no matter what it takes. The Online Social Media is bringing us closer socially bit far physically. A different world with its specs owns something for everyone. Replicating, the human world, social media instills the thought of connectedness with all around us.

Selfie Risk - Tricky Truths Life Styles

Selfie Tips and Tricks – Mastering The Art, Click selfies like a boss

Amongst all what OSM revolves around, a word that buzzes around is Selfie. But what is selfie? The Oxford Dictionary word of the year 2013,  Selfie is a lot more than we already know. It would suggest clicking your photographs yourself. But the whole idea does not hold in just snapping an image. Besides, selfies are incomplete without being posted on the social media.

Lifestyle Tricky Truths

We, all agree to this.

Plenty of photos we click and choose the best to go online. With a pout, without it. A smile to add grace, funny faces to chase!

Selfies occupy most of the memory on our phone!

Agree on Ladies?

But, with good comes bad and with selfie came the killfies

Selfies Or Killfies?

Selfies are a trend. And to cope with this and stay ahead, people cross all limits. People visit different places to click a Selfie and post it on OSM. Sometimes, at the cost of living. There has been an area of incidents where people died owing click a perfect selfie. Also,  Social media has overpowered the minds of all of us, and we are so ambitious to take a selfie, we forget where we are or what are we doing.

Selfie Risk Tricky truths lifestyle

Falling from cliffs, bus accident, a sudden hit of the trains or drowning in the sea are few of the most common reason leading to killfie. Just to capture a moment people embrace death.

What’s happening to the youth?

March 2014 to September 2016 counts 127 death of people posts clicking selfies. Exotic locations need to be caught but with a presence of mind. Getting lost and trying adventure is also acceptable but being sensible is also accepted.

Death By Selfie Tricky truths

Several Incidences
  • Three teens died while posing for a selfie near the rail track in the US. Don’t forget to see the caption – Standing Right by a train – ahha!!!
  • A 16-year-old in Taranto died from a height of 60 feet while snapping an image.
  • A 21-year-old enacted with a gun at his forehead to click a selfie. Unknowingly, he shot himself.
  • Kerala saw a 14-year-old electrocuted while clicking an image at the train top.
  • An 18-year-old in the Philippines was on vacation besides the beach. Just at the moment, he was about to snap, the wave-current took him away, and he drowned.
A Step By The Government -Selfie Free Areas

A lot has been said and discussed by the government.  Seeing such as a massive number of deaths in Indian

TrickyTruth, Death State

Due to the dangerous selfies, the Indian Ministry of Tourism has instructed the states to work upon areas that are dangerous and could pose a threat to the selfie lovers. To deal with the death occurring due to selfie Mumbai government has barricaded several areas as selfie danger there you restricting any photography at the place. Kumbh Mela saw the entire regions being banned and barricaded as no selfie to prevent stampeded and rush among people. Russian government came up with campaigns to increase awareness among the youth about the dangers associated with a reckless selfie.

TrickyTruth - Stats

Just at the thought of getting more likes and comments in the social world, people overlook dangers at major places and indulge in clicking selfies. Casualties could be anything from height to water or both, train or vehicle, animal or roads. It could be anything. But, safety is in your hand. And also, It you who choose –

Selfie Or Killfies???

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