Sleep Problems- The Cause, The Kind and The Solutions

Staying up throughout the day and jumping over the bed is what we all love to do. Tired, restless and a lot more to add to our busy day. The warmth of our bed oozes out all we had throughout the day. But sometimes, we face multiple sleep problems. 

Tricky Truths-sleep problems

What if you much-loved bed turns your enemy. You are there but deprived of sleep. Irrespective of the multiple reasons that cause insomnia, lack of sleep drastically affects our health. Not just physically but mentally as well. While you soundly sleep, your body does a lot of work. From relaxing mind to releasing hormones that boost our memory, efficiency, and stress. Studies show that insomnia turn people aggressive and irritated. To add to this, lack of sleep has serious health issues as diabetes and raise blood pressure. 

Tricky Truths-bed-sleep problems

It’s high time; you need to keep track of your activities and make sure you take at least eight hours of sleep a day to avoid sleep problems. 

Some of the common sleep problems

Tricky Truths-sleep problems

  • One of the major sleep problems is you cannot sleep. Short-term insomnia includes sleeping early or trouble having a night of sleep.  The prime cause is hearing a dreadful noise, specific medicine, or the loss of a close relative.
  • Snoring is another activity that hampers sleep. Maybe not for you, but definitely for the one sleeping beside.
  • Sleeping during the daytime, most of us have this habit of catching a short nap during the day. We might feel tired but sleeping while working is not acceptable. Of this continues for long, then you need to consult your doctor.
The Posture

Even if you catch a good sleep and find a remedy for all the above, another major issue attached with sleeping is your position. A poor sleeping posture could give birth to an array of health issue and multiple sleep problems. A right posture of sleep is as important as getting a right amount of sleep.

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It might have happened that when you wake up, you find a severe ache in your neck or shoulder & Believing that a lack of sleep resulted in the pain? Not always. Most of the time, it’s the way we sleep. Yes, healthy sleep for a healthy body but with a right position.

Tricky Truths- sleep problems

Let’s see a few of the sleep problems associated with an improper position.  

Neck Pain: Neck pain is one such sleeping problems you will encounter if you sleep on your back. It makes your body stiff and inflexible. Be careful about the of pillow you use to avoid these problems.

Snoring: Another major issue while sleeping on the bed is snoring. As you are on your back, you cannot catch much breathe and so unknowingly snore loudly.

Nightmare: Often viewed as a mystery, a scientist has now revealed that people who sleep on the left side experience nightmare.

Cardiovascular Disease: One of the major issue related to the improper sleeping position in Cardiovascular Disease. The way we sleep determines the rate of blood flow, and so a poor posture could aggravate serious health problems.

Tricky Truths- health issues

And this is not the end, back pain, heartburn, headache all are the result of poor sleeping posture.

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Fixing Issues

We spend about one-third of our life sleeping. Both our mental and physical fitness depends on our sleep quality. As we saw above, the health issues caused by poor sleeping position, here we draft solutions to fix the same.

Tricky Truths- back sleep problems

  • For shoulder pain, try sleeping on your back with a thin pillow beneath. For some who don’t like sleeping on back, they can choose to sleep by the side and fold their knees close to their chest.
  • For back pain, sleep on your back with a pillow beneath your knees. You can also lie on stomach with a pillow below the lower abdomen.
  • For neck pain, sleep on your back with a pillow below your head and one each below your arms.
  • Avoid using mobile phones late at night. And do not drink coffee as it disturbs sleep cycle.
  • If you find trouble sleeping and wake up frequently, then avoid alcohol before sleeping. Also, do not use gadgets for long.
  • Snoring? Never sleep on back.

So, all good?

Tricky Truths sleep problems fix

Hope you have a sound sleep tonight!

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