Social Media: Pros and Cons Everywhere In Modern Lifestyle

Social media is the catchphrase of the modern lifestyle, thanks to the extensive availability of mobile gadgets across the world. While you are away from your loved ones, this means to keep you connected with all. In the endless days, you had to rely on landline phones to communicate with others in different places. Capitalizing more than the former times, these online platforms have made it just a matter of few seconds to get in touch with others nowadays. Also, its use in the business industry has also witnessed a deep drift, owing to its wide reach. Along with such religious use of this instantaneous communication mode, it is essential to keep checking if we are not getting too much reliant on it.

We learn on a daily basis in whatever we see and do – whether it is watching TV, preparing a new dish or listening to the radio. In the same way, we get the latest ideas and thoughts while chatting with friends after school or even as in a classroom.

The appearance of social media has opened up the latest avenues to develop and learn core competencies. Through Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and similar other social media websites, we get aware of new experiences, fresh concepts, and meet distinctive folks. It also acts as an immense promotional tool wherein businesses of various types can take on in progressive discussions and make a strong network in due course of time.

On the other hand, social media critics are not impressed by the growing popularity of these sites. According to them, social media can hamper the potentiality of students to study and acquire high grades in examinations.

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Let us have a look at the pros and cons of social media in the modern lifestyle.

Pros of Social Media

Support Instant Interaction: Customary face-to-face communication is time-consuming and requires the physical presence of both the individuals. On the contrary, social media websites support interaction barring environmental and time constraints.

Easy Access: Social networking websites help to access data anytime and from anyplace, globally. You can go back to your social world friends to find an answer to a question, or you can also share our emotions and feelings.

Multiple Learning Styles: Supporters of Social media believe it supports several learning styles, especially catering to different student organizations and their educational needs. People post a range of texts, visuals, audios, and so forth on social networking websites to share the same with their group of friends. Therefore, a social network in a way helps users to express their individual views, thus generating tons of content on the site.

Cons of Social Media

Uncertainty: You can access social media networks only when you have an internet connection at your home or in the workplace.

Divert Learning: Criticizer of social media believes that these platforms engage peoples in unnecessary gossips, diverting their interest to something not related to the field. It can ruin the educational life of a student by expanding his or her connection with citizens outside the learning community.

Managing Social Networking Sites: Often running more than one networking site can be complicated for a learner. He or she needs to log onto every website to check new updates and posts.

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