Standard Statements during Couple Argument

Topics of arguments between couples are increasing days by day. Starting from the silly annoyances to quarrel on money couple argument can take over to any track. Some of them are not even worth the attention.

Many love couples end up having related arguments many times during a relationship. Most of these arguments are actually not even worth the time to quarrel. Some of the most aggressive arguments between love and married couples are about things that do not truly matter. Here is a nearer look at some of the foremost things that cause arguments between couples and a see why they are not worth arguing about. The main reasons for love and married couple argument are:

  • Love
  • Affairs
  • Ex-Partners
  • Money
  • House Hold Chorus
  • Time Spent Together
  • Silly Annoyances

What do you actually want from a relationship?

These things are not worth arguing over, again and again. They can end up hurting the bond and can put tension into the homes. In loads of cases, if you are abiding to argue about these same things, perhaps there is a dilemma that is a bit deeper than you need to treat with.

Couples who say they do not have a quarrel in their relationship are perhaps kidding themselves. Also, keep in mind that respect is the most important factor in a lifelong and healthy relationship, with respect for each other any couple should be able to conquer conflict.

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What are standard statements during arguments?

You have changed so much, you are not the same person I met: Usually, when couples expect too much from each other and compare earlier attention for one another they use this Phares. You do not care about my priorities and became so selfish.

I think you don’t love me anymore: Another, standard statement, when couple spent quite a good time with each other they do not behave the same as they used to behave. Till the time things are new and fresh, it excites people. Once it becomes like same breakfast every day such statement is most common.

You don’t understand my feelings: The game of expectation goes on when the couple don’ pay attention to small things or don’t ready to accept the views of one another such words are natural. As time passes both partners learn about each other’s pattern and way of thinking, thus they don’t really pay much attention.

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You don’t have time for me: When priorities and focus change, people get busy in their work or anything they like. They don’t find much interest in each other anymore. Gradually they devote their time to the outer world and don’t find each other as they used to have.

Human psychology is strange, as they spent time with each other they lose the amount of interest. They find themselves bound to the responsibility which they don’t find worthy most of the time. A long relationship is based on trust and the amount of expectations.

Let assume a conflict between a couples

Tricky truths relationship lifestyle


On a particular day, a boy and a girl were talking about their future. Part of the conversation went like this:

Boy: In a cherished relationship, a girl should just give a boy what he wants. If she gives him what he desires, the relationship will most likely work for long.

Girl: What about the girl? What about the boy giving her what she desires? Sometimes it is difficult to exchange a few words what a girl wants from a man without him feeling she wants to be in control of the relationship.

Boy: Yeah! But I think girls need to be more dedicated to his love partner. They think too much about their family, friends, and parents. If you will let me know, I can react in the same manner.

Girl: Well, of course, that’s true. We need to think about our close people and family. We live in a society where we have to keep family first before oneself. You don’t understand my feelings.

Boy: And one more thing I find unusual in a girl that they never say directly what they want from his partner. A lot of women have a belief that a boy is supposed to magically know what she desires.

Girl: You always have a problem with me. You have changed. You don’t love me anymore.

Boy:  It’s not like that, you are getting me wrong. I just want you to be clear with your words and feelings. Now I have to go, I am getting late.

Girl: No, no I am now getting you right. You are changed, and you don’t have time for me.

Boy:  See, You are again going on the wrong track. Let it be I don’t care. Bye

How To Make Relationship Last Longer?

Acknowledgment by the Statements during Couple Argument

If you are asking for something from your love partner, whether it’s wide such as ‘I need you to be calmer’ or precise like ‘I need you to start saving funds for a house,’ be sure you are able to spot to your personal behavior.

Well, as you can clearly see, some of the matters are not even in priority to a couple. However, they give it more importance even though it is not even worth it. But some quarrels brings them close and help them to enhance their bond. All you need to do is find a reason worth keeping.

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