Stephen Hawking: The Eternal Legacy of Modern Science

Even if you do not keep an eye on the latest developments in the field of modern science, you have heard of the legendary physicist Stephen William Hawking. He prided himself on making his complex physical concepts easily accessible by the public and writing the epic, “A Brief History of Time.

Not an ordinary scientist: Stephen William Hawking

Stephen William Hawking is commonly regarded as one of best minds of the 21st century in the field of Modern Science. He shot to notoriety after his path-breaking testimony of the “Big Bang Theory” which said that the galaxy started from a miracle in time and space.

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Although at present we consider Stephen Hawking as one of the greatest brainpower on this earth, he was not a very brilliant child in the school. Most of his professors agree that this was simply because he was too slothful to study for grades. Even at that time, he showed great interest in knowing how things worked in the globe.

We all know that Stephen Hawking is the bestselling writer of popular books of modern science such as “The Theory of Everything”  “The Brief History of Time”, and “The Grand Design”. But did you know that he is also the person behind the book series of kid’s books which he co-wrote with his daughter Lucy Hawking? The 1st of these kid’s books is named “George’s Secret Key to the Universe” and the 2nd is named “George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt”.

Despite being a prominent physicist, Stephen Hawking is also well-known to have an outstanding sense of humor. A lively version of him emerged on “The Simpsons” for which he himself provided the voice of his renowned voice synthesizer. He also came out in person on the smack sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” (hang-on, was that planned?) and Star Trek: Next Generation.

Majority of us know that Stephen William Hawking suffered from Motor Neuron illness, but very few know that another name for the disease is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig Syndrome. Yes, it is similar to ALS from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos that were going around on the internet a couple of years ago.

Stephen William Hawking remains a motivation to everybody by his absolute will and courage to live and solve the mysteries of the world. His beliefs and views into the working of the world shall continue to conspiracy generations to come.

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Below is a timeline of some the key discoveries and works of Stephen Hawking:

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In the year 1966 – Finished doctorate and honored with the fellowship at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.

In the year 1968 – Printed the Large Scale Structure of Space and Time

In the year 1970 – Explored that by using quantum theory and broad relativity he will be proficient to show that black holes can emanate radiation.

In the year 1973 – In the same year he joins the division of applied mathematics and theoretical physics at Cambridge, he explores that black holes can leak energy and particles into the universe and can even explode. It is printed in the journal Nature, a year later. The theory is also called Hawking Radiation.

In the year 2018 – He died at Cambridge.

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