Sui Dhaaga Movie Review :A journey of Needle To Thread

Sui Dhaaga Review – Predictable Yet Charmingly Acceptable

Character Highlights – Sui Dhaaga Review 

The Sharad Katariyas Made In India is a typical middle-class husband-wife story. Where the make lead Mauji (Varun Dhawan) is a happy go lucky person with the “Sab Badhiya” attitude, his female counterpart Mamata is a Sanskari Bahu.

TrickyTruth- Sui Dhaga


About The Story – Sui Dhaaga Review

As you get engrossed in the movie, you will keep outlining predictions, and they keep turning out to be true. Yes, you will notice all those small activities that occur in Maybe your life too. An Indian couple just married. Mauji is a worker and does all his boss instructs him to. Mamata is a worker too, and her boss is her mother in law. The love equation between the two is again an Indian kind of romance. Every time mauji tries go come closer, but her Sasuji is ready with a new set of chores. So, a total loss.

But this story is not till here. Mamata is of a kind who always supports her husband. Mauji’s boss’s orders him and always abuses. Therefore he decides to start his own business. Mamata is in total support. She motivates Mauji to restart their family business of pottery and traditional embroidery. Now, the question arises.

Would Mauji Be Able To Anticipate His Dreams and Be An Entrepreneur?

Roles Played – Review Of Sui Dhaaga

All the actors have done a fabulous job. Varun Dhawan justifies the character of mauji. The perfect blend of humor and Intelligence. Courage and innocence, the carefree, mast maula attitude. He nails it.

TrickyTruth- Sui Dhaga Review

Anushka Sharma in the other hand is Bollywood style queen. Her exquisite fashion sense is what all look forward to. But, the simple,sanskari look. A sari, the sindoor all is worth praising. She truly lives the character of Mamata. The required efforts and the charm on her face as a typical mediocre bahu are impeccable in Sui Dhaaga. 

Besides that, the role played by Yamini Dass is excellent. She makes the character much more lively. The mother of Mauji, she gives life to the character. Every scene is adorable giving the move Sui Dhaaga an exact look. 

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Katariya Steep Rise

The director has done an excellent job. The entire movie has been beautifully picturized. Not a moment where you would feel bored. The daily problems faced by an ordinary man, the life a woman oscillating between a kitchen and her mother in law. An office goer with high dreams, everything is splendid. The first half of the movie beautifully gives an overview of the plot. Dialogues with humor all give it a massive stroke.  

As the movie was released, the first weekend gave a Sui Dhaaga box office collection of Rs 36.69 crore.

Now, will the Sui enter the Dhaaga would be worth watching



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