The Christmas And Its Changing Relevance In The Modern World Society

Christmas can be easily said to be the most long-term holiday of all. It is a time-honored tradition that has gained in popularity, and people connect over the years. Christmas and its changing relevance date back to as long back as 4000 years. It has remained as relevant and as loved by everyone as it was thousands of years ago, if anything, the celebrations have only grown with time.

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It is the most astonishing time of the year. Not just for normal people, but for sociologists also. When the record of the early measurement of the new millennium is noted, we believe Christmas will provide the great microcosm for doing so.

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In the theistic view of the world, Christmas is celebrated similarly to a definite period. At this period, we can look beyond the personal circumstances and own time. At the same period, we can look at our lives in the present and see beyond the walls which the hard work of daily existence place in our way. In Christmas, we are provided with a chance to be thankful for the world of the spirit which the practicalities of day by day life blind us too, mainly of necessity, for much of the remainder of the year.

As a secular society, Christmas and its changing relevance being religious is an isolated memory. In modern society, Christmas is just a way of humanity pushing its residents to work. We have images of expensive furniture, big homes and large gifts shoved in our faces; this is the old age hoax of the carrot enticing the donkey. Hard work, get money and this is what you can have while celebrating Christmas. Christmas is now an instrument used by the administration and those in power to attract people into working all the hours’ supernatural being sends in the worthless hope of achieving the Christmas trance; comfortable house, family and luxurious presents.

The Evolution of Christmas Traditions

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Even though the occasion remains close to the heart of Christians the world over, the Christian rituals and customs have evolved manifold over this extended period. The change has come about like celebrations as adopted by different people. The tradition of Christmas includes the 12 days of Christmas, bright fires, the Yule log, exchanging Christmas gifts, the feasts, carols and the church processions all of which has retained its charm and beauty overtimes immemorial.

The metamorphosis has also been in the basic foundation of Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. From being a staunch religious affair to a gala event that includes cookies, carnivals and the articulate representation of Santa Claus.

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Un-Changing, Original Aspects of Christmas

Christmas relevance_religion_trickytruths_2

Christmas and its changing relevance in the modern world society have changed the mindsets of people. But some things are still original and unchanging.

The other aspect highlights those essentials which have remained unchanged in spite of the ever-transforming world scenarios. All the traditions of this day are only the extension of Roman Pagan to Christian ceremonial and remain so to this day. Then there are the traditional elements of Christmas which have not undergone any change, and these are Yule Log, Snow, Mistletoe, Wreath, Santa Claus, Cookies, Lights, Christmas Dinner, X-Mas Tree, and Carols.

All said and done, Christmas is undoubtedly that time of the year when joy, hope, generosity, and goodwill is reflected everywhere, and this is the reason for it to be one of the most exciting of all festivities in a year.

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