The Controversial Showdown In CBI: All You Need To Know

The CBI controversy is going to a whole new level. A massive political fight has broken out in the nation. The controversy is fuel-up when bride charges were put on Rakesh Asthana. Asthana, the Special Director of CBI, is booked for accommodating Rs 2 crores bribe. The in-house tussle in the central probe agency of India has split large open.

The issues raised after CBI charged Rakesh Asthana, its own Special Director for accepting bribes. The bribes charges are to reconcile a case involving Moin Qureshi the contentious meat exporter. The Special Director has been sent on leave. While Alok Verma the CBI Director was reassured of his post.  Devender Kumar, the Deputy Superintendent of Police, is also coming through suspension and sent to the custody of CBI for seven days.

The raid occurred at the headquarters of CBI in New Delhi on Wednesday.  The administrators researched the corruption allegations and the fast-following sign of progress. This has triggered a huge political fight in the nation.

CBI Controversy_current_Trickytruths

Here is all you need to know about the CBI controversy.

The brawl between Special Director Rakesh Asthana and CBI Director Alok Verma started in the year 2017. It all begins with the appointment of Rakesh Asthana to CBI. Alok Verma broadcasts a secret letter to Central Vigilance Commission over the promotion Rakesh Asthana. It is for the placement of CBI special director. The letter claims that the conclusion was under exploration in the year 2017 as the bribery case Sterling Biotech.

However, the file is close to the case involving the promotion of Rakesh Asthana for that time. In the year of June 2018, CBI Director Alok Verma wrote another letter. It is under the name of CVC. The letter claims that Rakesh Asthana is not able to stand for him in his absence. Because the latter faces allegations of bribes.

Afterward, Asthana replied and filed a complaint against Alok Verma accusing him of prying in IRCTC corruption. The case also involves the relatives of Lalu Prasad Yadav the RJD leader.

CBI Controversy_current_Trickytruths

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On 21st October, the CBI charged Asthana, an Indian Police Service officer of Gujarat cadre (Batch-1984). The reason is of taking a Rs 2 crores bribe from Sathish Babu Sana a Hyderabad-based businessman. The businessman was under search in the Moin Qureshi case to “ruin” the investigation.

The Verdicts of Delhi High Court:

The Delhi High Court has given ex-CBI Director Alok Verma time till 29th October Monday, to counter to the allegations against Rakesh Asthana. The court lined that until 29th October, no action can be taken against Rakesh Asthana. The court has also instructed CBI to “maintain position quo” with regards to this problem, with Justice Najmi Waziri declaring that the “petitioner is before high court now.” Delhi High Court has also clarified that this does not make the grade as a stay on the investigation into the claims.

Meanwhile, in a vivid midnight action, the Centre deprived Alok Verma of his charges on Wednesday and chosen M Nageshwar Rao as the short-term CBI Director.

CBI Controversy_current_TrickytruthsCBI Controversy_current_Trickytruths

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Alok Verma has challenged the order of Centre removing him from the position, and the Supreme Court has agreed to take notice on his petition on Friday.

The transfer decision of total of 13 officers probing the corruption case against Rakesh Asthana come around – Dy SP CBI AK Bassi, SS Gum the Additional SP CBI, Manish Kumar Sinha the CBI DIG, DIG Jasbir Singh, DIG Taurn Gauba, DIG KR Chaurasia, DIG Anish Prasad, HoB Ram Gopal, A Sai Manohar, SP Satish Dagar, JD (P) of CBI Arun Kumar Sharma, HoZ V Murugesan and DIG Amit Kumar.

Wordings from Oppositions:

Meanwhile, the clash within the organization has triggered a huge political fight in the nation with opposition parties hitting out at the Centre Government.

CBI Controversy_current_Trickytruths

Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, stated the BJP had curved the CBI into a “national dishonor,” and the CPI claimed Rakesh Asthana was pushed into the organization to “destabilize the investigations” against leaders of BJP.

Following this, Rahul Gandhi the president of Congress party took to Twitter to say, “The blue-eyed boy of PM, Gujarat cadre bureaucrat, of Godra SIT reputation, penetrated as number 2 into the CBI, has now been seen taking bribes. Under this Prime Minister, the CBI is a bludgeon of political retaliation. An organization in terminal decline that’s a conflict with itself.”

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