The Five-Hour Rule – A step closer to success

Why – The Five-Hour Rule

Life is busy and unconventionally in nature. You never find time for small things. The day to day task keeps you occupied throughout. Your days are all about the 9-5 office job, and as soon as you step in your house, you are prone to grab a quick meal and then plunge on your couch for s March or binge-watching TV series. The GOT is not allowed to go, and the Netflix awaits.


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What was a habit has now turned into an addiction and you still have no clue about the same. It seems derogatory when you see others take a strong take at their future. Also, we epitomize a few who we consider our role models. But this entire process starts with envy, appraisal, a two minute thought of you doing something and then back to sleep.

Again right?


We, hardly spend time focusing on our growth rather mental growth. Nothing you do through the day simplifies your knowledge. Do have any idea about what is something that draws a line of difference between you and Barack Obama.

Umm, he is the former president of US.

No, wrong

Ok, what is the difference between you and Elon Musk?

He is the CEO of Tesla.

Again wrong.

Wondering why?

I have an answer for this.

True that Obama is the ex-US president and Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla. But these are not an inbuilt trait. Elon wasn’t a born entrepreneur, or Obama did not step into the world as a President. They have spent years of their life working to be what they are now.

So, where does the difference dwell?

It’s their Habits, yes you heard that right. Habits of successful people separate you from them. An of all habits, one that makes a huge difference is a habit of reading. Irrespective of how busy their day is, they spare time to read.

Start Today – The Five-Hour Rule

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One of the most prominent researchers Thomas Corley stated after his research. Around 86% of the successful men, read.

They read not to read but to learn and gain. Another great reader, Chonce Maddox states that every successful person on an average read two books a month. Figures are enormous and so the success.

You cannot own success but attain, and this is a slow and ongoing process. Michael Simmons, the Impact founder, is the man behind the concept of Five Hour Rule. This rule seeks one hour a day or five hours a week to indulge in activities that enhance your knowledge.

Jack Ma: The guy who challenged the destiny to create history

Investment in knowledge gives you the best return.

So, it’s not rocket science. All you need is to keep aside one hour each day for the next five days. Sounds good right?

Of course, it does, nothing great ever comes easy, and so you need to pay the price from all. Skip unnecessary surfing or mobile gaming and do something that makes you stand out. Induce the five-hour rule and be a better person.

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The Three Step Ritual – The Five-Hour Rule

The five-hour rule is segregated into three phases for you to change,

Read: One of the best ways to grow and add to your worth is piling up knowledge each day bit by bit. An activity that recharges you to be a better person each day is to read.

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Reflect: It’s not just about reading. Until and unless you act upon what you have learned, your knowledge goes in vain. Assess yourself to refine yourself each day.
Experiment: Innovation is an idea into action. Successful people act in a way they think, and this is what leads them to success. Turn your ideas into reality and create a difference.
Success is not regarding money, but productivity and reading is one habit that could help you grow your way.

Read to beat!

Steve Jobs: A True Inspiration, Encyclopedia of Courage, Idea, and Revolution

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