The Relationship Is Not A Burden, It’s A Responsibility That Depends On Mutual Concern

Whenever someone chooses his or her life partner, the only relationship doesn’t come but, responsibility also involves with that. It looks so good and attractive when you begin any relationship. In the beginning, each partner performs their part so gracefully but as the time passes, their responsibility feels like a burden.  It becomes like an ice-cream when you hold it, in the beginning, it looks perfect and as you taste it gives you more pleasure. But as the ice cream melts all flavor vanishes. What we forget is that they are living in real life and have their ups and downs. The relationship works when the burden is handled by both of them equally and not distributed among each other. It is the reunion that shares love and responsibilities equally.

What will happen to a table if we keep all the weight on one side? It will merely make things fall on the ground. Similarly, two people in a relationship are like that table that have to maintain a balance to ensure that nothing is falling apart. If the burden is at one side only, then that partner will start to feel stress, frustrated and outright resentment over the period. Let us have a look at signs when you need to step up your game and provide a balance to your partner.

Unpredictable and Unreliable

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Doing a work once in a week as a favor is different from actually completing a task as your responsibility. It is a whole difference. If your partner is unpredictable at times, then it is the most significant sign that unfairness is taking a toll on him/her. You need to understand and help them out to ensure that your relationship is not falling apart.

Big Decisions Making

relationship is a mutual concern_relationship_trickytruth

Even the small decisions in a relationship matter the most. But when it comes to more significant decisions, then you need a support system by your side. Things will turn down when you don’t fell their presence in your decisions. The whole dynamics of a relationship comes when one starts to feel burdened by all the choices. Whether it is a task of paying up a bill or getting involved with kids. It is both of yours to share.

No Free Time

relationship is a mutual concern_relationship_trickytruth

When there is some extra burden put on you, then you will start to feel that you don’t have much time for yourself. It will begin to make you feel in a constant rush. Hence, you need to take some time out. There might be cases in which you think constantly stressing about a thing or two. In such a case, it will start to take a toll on you. It is the most significant sign of unbalanced and unfair relationship. This will only take you down the drain, and it might be possible that you will end up getting irritated.

It is your mistake

relationship is a mutual concern_relationship_trickytruth

When one is in a relationship, there will be a time when one is falsely accused of things they have no idea about. It is easy to expect many things from your partner in a specific way. But no appreciation is given out in return. This results in your partner pointing out on every single bad thing or a mistake while they will go unnoticed all the good and perfect ones. It becomes one of the primary cause of a fallen relationship.

Cranky Feeling

relationship is a mutual concern_relationship_trickytruth

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Resentment and cranky is one of the feelings that will bloom when you are in a burden relationship. It will suck all your power and make you grew weak at your feet. You might even start to go on a strike and never go back. However, you need to address these problems since running away is not an option.

Remember it requires two to tango. Relationships can be messy, but it is your mess to clean up and enjoy.

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