The Top 5 Belly Fat types , Get rid of Belly Fat by following these

Belly Fat – Heard the term?

Of course, we all have!

TrickyTruth- Belly fat

The most stubborn fat in our body. The belly fat. Bloated or bulged, whatever be the reason. We girls, especially are too much concerned about our tummy cum belly. It could be pizza pasta fat or the next to be mom fat.

No doubt, we all love to have the perfect v cut bellies. But that requires plenty of efforts from your end. A healthy diet, proper workout plan, and a positive approach. Only then would you be able to strike the chord. Before we strive towards cutting those bulgy mass, we need to know the reason behind our belly fat.

TrickyTruth-Bad belly fat

Agree, pals?

So, let’s quickly take an in-depth look at what are the types and the reasons supporting the same.

The Hype and The Type – Belly Fat

Alcohol Belly: A chain drinker? Then your belly is undoubtedly the baby of your so loved drinks. Each time you gulp down the glass for beer or wine, you add an extra mass in one of the so many corners of your belly. Going technically, somewhat biologically drinking too much of wine hampers the digestive process of your body. As a result, you cannot correctly cut down foods, and extra calories keep poaching in. So, if you are on the road to get back in shape and own a flat tummy and say bye bye to your belly fat, you need to pay the price. But how? All you need to do is to cut those extra glasses of wine. Add more vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet for a kick start.

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The Mommy Belly: So, it’s been nine months. Continually starting and stalking yourself in the mirror would not redirect your mommy’s belly. I know you hate it. But it’s love dear. You just gave life to a soul. A newborn stepped in the world. You love him, but you hate those stretch marks and the extra layer of fat in almost every inch of your belly. I agree! But wait, don’t panic or hate yourself. You can anytime get back in shape. Consult your doctor before opting for a workout plan. See your diet, and it’s a good practice to massage your stomach post delivery to ease the pain.

Belly fat, before and after

Stressed Out Belly: Oh crap! So much work! It seems that my bucket list is not ending. Things keep stacking up and me? I pile stress. Do you mirror yourself in me? Well, possibilities are high. But, if you are a health freak like me, you would not love to know that the unwanted and sudden accumulation is your stress. Yes, you heard it right, the stressed out belly fat. Either you are not getting enough sleep, or you’re just switching between errand. Stop and take a pause. Give time to your body. Rest is as much important as your work. You need to be best to give your best. So, catch enough sleep and yes avoid aerated drinks. Instead, go for a healthy diet.

Belly fat - TrickyTruth

Hormonal Belly: Next in line is the hormonal Belly. Several changes in the body might lead to change in hormones. And this indirectly points to an unexpected weight gain. Though you cannot own control over your hormones, you can very well see what you are doing or eating. A healthy diet with adequate sleep and a little exercise would get you back in shape and get rid of the belly fat.

TrickyTruth- healthy food

Bloated Belly: The last and in fact the most common. Acidity or issue with your digestive tract leads to unnecessary weight gain. It’s time you consult a doctor. Add more water to your daily diet and take necessary probiotics. 

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