Tibet dispute: A New Controversy Rises As Trump Passes The Tibet Access Bill

America bitterness went Cedi arrest CFO of Trade War, and Huawei company in Canada with China is still not cool that he made law on Tibet despite Chinese protests, which began a new diplomatic war between the two countries will be. The United States has passed a new law called “Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act 2018” on Tibet. The passage of this has opened the way for the entry of US officials and citizens in Chinese occupation-dominated areas. China has strongly opposed it.

US President Donald Trump has signed the controversial bill on Tibet and made it a law. China has been opposing it since the beginning because it recognizes its right over this area and admits to diplomats of any country by its own will. The signing of Trump on this law will increase the Chinese problem as this law will pave the way for visa ban on those Chinese officials, who will allow American citizens, government officials and journalists in Tibet’s exiled spiritual guru’s home territory (Tibet) do not let to go.

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This law paves the way for American diplomats, officers, journalists, and others to visit Tibet. Before signing the bill by the President, the US Senate and the House of Representatives have already approved it. Trump has taken this step at a time when China has expressed strong diplomatic resistance from the US about passing the law in this regard. China requested the United States not to make a law in this regard. China says that Tibet has been a part of it for centuries. After the failed revolt against Chinese rule, the Dalai Lama had fled to India in 1959.

Donald Trump a bill to Tibet Dispute

tibet dispute_politics_trickytruhts

US President Donald Trump has signed a bill related to Tibet dispute China’s strong objection. Now, this law has become. This clears the way for Chinese officials to ban visa, which does not allow American citizens, officials, and journalists to go to Tibet. This move can flare up China. In both countries, business warfare has already started.


The Senate of the upper house of the American Parliament passed the ‘unauthorized access to Tibet Act’ bill unanimously at the beginning of this month. It was approved in September only by the lower house of Parliament House of Parliament. When the Senate approached the bill, China expressed strong disagreement and said it was interfering in Chinese internal affairs. He had demanded that America not give this bill the law.

China is hiding the reality of Tibet

tibet dispute_politics_trickytruhts

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China has been refuting the request of people who know the reality of human rights in Tibet or those who analyze matters there. While according to Americans of Tibetan origin, the situation is terrible for them. There they are not allowed to go to the land of their ancestors or to meet their families. Even if the government officials, journalists or tourists wishing to go to Tibet would go there, they were forced to stay on a controlled official tour.

Tibet will not allow foreign interference: China

tibet dispute_politics_trickytruhts

Beijing China has strongly opposed the American move, saying that Tibet is his internal matter. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chung said that Beijing would not allow any foreign interference in Tibet. He said that the implementation of this law would harm America and China’s bilateral relations.

India Got Involved in The Dispute

China claims Arunachal Pradesh as Southern Tibet, India asserts that the dispute covered Aksai area of Chin which was occupied by China during the war of the year 1962.


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