Top 10 Do’s and Dont’s For Dating

These dating tricks will never let you down

A gift for some, a nightmare for few, dating in relationships could sail through or dive in the sea of so-called ego. Many times we often tend to oversee our problems as our own and judge our partners as we want them to be. For some relationship has been a horror story while few blushes in the lap of your loved ones.

Tricky Tricks
Why people cheat in a relationship?

Your Mr. Perfectionist 

However, you partner is not the one you should look up to like someone that maps your definition of soulmate but a new soul that might be your partner for life.

When you meet someone new, you are high on the pitch. Suddenly everything is beautiful, and you think the person is the best fit for you. But as time passes you realize that the person is not the one for you.

Have you wondered why?

Is it the person or the circumstances that drive you to such an inference. I guess no!


It not always the two lovebirds into the relationship that are wrong but the misjudgments, the weirdness and the miscommunication that drown your trust and faith in each other. Date as you go but remember few things you should take care of before stepping into the bed of love and romance.

Dos & Don’t for Dating – Be careful before you act funny

  • Give room to your parent to speak while you listen: The more we seek comfort, the more talkative we are. This is the most common mistake we all do in a relationship. Talk less and listen more.
  • Do not fake pictures: Often we in the hoard of pleasing our partner’s post edited picture. And the day of your first meet arrives, it seems as if you are dating a retro version of the person you were talking to. So never fake your profile.
  • Narrow your expectations: Relationship sink on the onset of expectations. The more you dig into expecting, the deeper your ship drowns. Encourage success and accept failure. You cannot paint a perfect image of your partner. Even the moon has a spot, so does your partner. Learn to recognize flaws and standby the same in all situation.
  • Be punctual: Never take your partner for granted because when time turns its tide, and you are the one waiting on the shore, you might never know that your partner is least interested in turning up. Many relationships fail due to the ignorance of one and over caring nature of others.
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  • Never Boast Yourself: Relationship is about the two of you and not just you. Do not spend half of the time bragging yourself. Of course, your partner is interested in exploring you but not on the first go.
  • Never Check your Phone While on a date: Distraction is common, but it’s a gentleman act to prioritize your partner overwork at least when its the two of you.
  • Do not chatter about your friends: Girls this one if for you. You have an extraordinary friend whose partner is way too attractive but wait. Your partner is no less.
  • Do not pretend to be perfect: No one is. If you tend to overact your personality, you are just creating a bad image. If you are looking for a perfect partner, then sorry dating is not for you.
  • An eye contact: One of the must do things while on a date is to have eye contact with your partner. It shows your interest in knowing the person and keen desire to respect what is being said.
  • Do not talk about past relationships on the first go: It is good to know each other but while on a date, it is better to skip this topic. Dating is for you two to know yourself and not to brood over you bad luck in past relationships.

So, the next time you are attracted towards someone, check out these few do’s and don’t before you step out to go on a date.

Date A Soul And Not A Body

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