Top 5 Dressing Tricks For Short People To Look Taller

If you are on the little side, it’s usual to have slight insecurity about the height and sometimes wish you were rather taller. Fortunately, a few twists to your closet can help. High-waist skirts and pants, combined with shape-fitted tops, can help extend your frame. You can also add some accessories that call interest to the upper half, like scarves and bigger hats. With a little twist and turn, you can make yourself look taller. The list can go on but some of the essential tips and tricks for short people to look taller. The list includes the following:

#1. Choosing Skirts or Pants

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  • Choose form-fitting, high-waist dresses. If you love to wear dresses, choose dresses that pushover at the waist just over the hips. This makes the body look toned, and lengthen the overall frame. Stay away from the dresses that are loose and long as this can make you look resembling that you’re drowning in them, and will draw attention to the height.
  • Pick high-waist skirts or pants. A higher waist outfit helps make your legs look longer, stretching out your overall figure. When choosing pants or skirts, search for ones that are meant to be zipped and buttoned at the waist. Bottom wears that fall at the hips are much less expected to lengthen the frame of the body.

#2. Selecting Tops that Lengthen Your Body

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  • Opt for slimmer sleeves. If your arms are embraced too tightly against the body, this can create display lines that shorten your look overall. Thin sleeves of the outfit are a good choice if you want to appear taller, as they make your arms look different. This lengthens your complete body frame.


  • Pick form-fitted tops. The bulkier your top looks, the more your figure drowns in your clothing. This makes your figure look smaller and shorter overall. Go for tops that are a little tighter and more form-fitted to elongate your frame.

#3. Adding Some Accessories

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  • Try a lean belt. Belts can be useful to cinch skirts, pants, or dresses at the waist, making the legs look longer and more precise. For the most elegant results, wear a skinnier belt. Anything bulky or big will make your body frame look shorter and smaller in comparison.


  • Wear accessories elevated up. Wear a bright tie or pocket square to add detail to an outfit, or look at casual shirts with upper pockets and epaulets.

#4. Improving The Posture

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  • Always stand straight, Standing up straight will make you look taller. To stand straight, raise you to head a little forward. Lengthen your spine and torso. Broaden your shoulders and keep the feet planted tightly on the floor, supporting the body and pushing it upward. Become conscious for your posture all over the day so you can hold yourself slouching.


  • Always sit up straight. Anyone can look tall while sitting by maintaining a good posture. Keep the spine straight, and the shoulders dropped when you are confined to a counter. Take care of your posture each time while sitting to make sure you are maintaining a good position.

#5. Wear Tailored Fit Outfits

look taller_fashion_trickytruths

Fusion fashion: Most Liked Trend Among The Youth Nowadays

Highlight your curves and silhouette with spiky fitted clothes.  This will help you to look taller.

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