Top 5 Tricks To Identify Your Partner’s Lies?

Intuition is something that we all live with. However, the only person that utilize this gift is women. They have an extreme case to know when someone is lying to them. Sometimes they can feel when things don’t go in the right direction. Yes, lying will hurt the most, but it is something that occurs naturally. So, you need to adopt it the way it is. There is no going back to it.

You might have a good bond with your partner but something there are situations when it requires altering. You only can’t bring yourself to tell exact instant to your partner. But when it becomes a regular occurrence, then it is something that will start to worry you. There is no point of picking a battle when you are not even sure that the person is saying the truth. So, in that case, you need to be extremely cautious about what you are saying or doing. So, let us tell you when your intuitions are going to be right.

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Eye & Lie

partner's Lies_relationship_trickytruths

If you want to know if a person is honest or not, then look into their eyes. No matter who the person is, their eyes will deceive them when it comes to feelings. The visual construction is something that works all the time when it comes to relationships. When they tell a life event in their version, their eyes can explain If they are telling the truth or not. They usually avoid eye contact or will look behind you, but will not make direct eye contact with you. In such a case, people typically prepare digital mode of communication so that they don’t have to worry about lying.


partner's Lies_relationship_trickytruths

We don’t even remember every single detail of our life or any incident. But when it comes to a person lying, then they will try to tell you every point of their great story version. It will be an elaborated incident that is full of imaginary factors or unexpected events. Yes, when it comes down to this, then know that you are being lied to.

Turn Around

partner's Lies_relationship_trickytruths

This will comes when you are questioned without even doing anything. The whole balance and attention will be shifted upon you, and there, you are sitting with no clue at all. It is the defensive move that is taken when someone knows that they are stuck badly. It is a prevalent mode that they suffer from due to attacks or accuses. Hence, they turn the table on you.


partner's Lies_relationship_trickytruths

Your partner is telling you a story, but you feel some suspicion toward it. Hence, you asked some questions if he is deflecting the problem as such nothing happened at all. Or changing out the topic then it is high time that you know that he is lying to you. It is one of the significant problems that will come when someone is lying. He will act busy all of a sudden such as an essential call, late appointment, message, etc.


partner's Lies_relationship_trickytruths

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If he answers your question, then he will merely omit some of the essential points. The answer will be enough that will satisfy your curiosity but not to make sense. For instance, a few drinks with friends but didn’t feel to add which club at the end.

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