Trump: The self-made millionaire – Fact or A Myth?

The self-made millionaire  – Trump has long before taken up the title!

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But does the credibility of the statement stands viable?

Bombshell claims that the so-called self-made millionaire owns the position since he was 8. But not self-made but with father’s grace!

Yes, we all respect him. A big name in the world. Donald Trump, the US president. The world rejoiced when he made the historical statement – the self-made millionaire, but as things got deeper, tax authorities raised questions, both on Trump and his tycoon father.

About what?

Now don’t scratch your head thinking how?

Here’s why – the self-made millionaire is not what we say!

The tax documents of bombshell prove that the tycoon father of the current Us president gifted him a signed cheque of $10,000 as a Christmas gift. The president was just eight.

Several reports suggest that both Trump and his siblings received myriads of money as a gift from their father who has a real estate business. Astonishingly, Donald Trump’s added $200,000 to his pocket every year from the age of three.

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Facts that now pushes Trump to trouble
  • Report by New York time states that all this give and take money in the form of gifts helped is a parent to dodge taxes. But how long can you hide? All those accounts are under scrutinization, and severe steps would be taken.
  • Paper claims and corresponding records prove that Trump and his siblings have received enormous amounts as a token of a gift from their parents.
  • Incorporating dodgy acts, Trump successfully owns $413 million. Reporters have found a pattern used for invading taxes, and now the tax authorities are undertaking severe steps
  • Reporters further reveal that Trump and his father had set up a sham corporation that made invading taxes easier.
  • They undervalued the earnings in the business of real estate of his father to get a reduction in taxes.
  • The funding continued for decades. Trump’s parents funneled more than $1 million in his account as a gift.
What’s Wrong?

Having said all above, it is expected that Trump’s father should pay 55% tax. Astonishingly, only 5% is paid. As the reports say, Trump earned $200,000 each year. And as he turns eight, he reached a height of a billionaire.

 What else, as he reached college, she owned $ 1 million. And so how is he a self-made millionaire???

What Trump has to say?

Trump considers all given by his father a small amount which he will pay him back with interest. But as he reached Manhattan, he bought properties and build a vast business.

Donald Trump- self-made millionaire

Moreover, his lawyer believes that no evasion took place. He states that all the accusations put on Donald Trump is false and none of the reports are viable.

Now what?

Though Trump denies being the owner of a million net worth, yet the tax department is leaving no stone untouched to reveal all the tax evasion and prove allegations true.

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