Tsunami In Indonesia – A huge loss to human life

Palu, the tsunami-stricken city of Indonesia, has not yet revived from the loss, that a volcano erupted a couple of hours back. Amidst a cacophony of faded hopes, people settling here and there to survive. The wreckage of tsunami in Indonesia is so colossal that death toll struck the count of 1400.

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And the search is still on!

Current Report – Tsunami In Indonesia 

A recent report suggests that the count of total death due to Tsunami in Indonesia is 1374 and around 113 missing. Hundreds of people are still beneath the rumble, and the rescue team is looking and searching for them.

The 7.5 magnitude earthquake has left it aftermath. The team is still assessing and trying to bring the city back to life. The tsunami in Indonesia succeeded this devastation. The natural disaster resulted in the death of 1200 people, hundred of building shattered and thousands of people displaced.

TrickyTruth- volcano eruption after tsunami in India

But misfortune does not end with this. The Sulawesi Island is hit with a massive volcano erupted on Wednesday. The Soputan Volcano eroded in the northern part of the island. And it was so impulsive that the ashes swept up to 4000 meters in the air.

The volcano erupts has not witnessed any such casualties. Videos of the eruption went viral a few minutes later. The scientist believes that the earthquake might have triggered the explosion. However, few think it to be the cause of increased mountain activity in Soputan.

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What went wrong – Tsunami in Indonesia 

Though there have been multiple instances of natural disasters in Indonesia earlier. The one that hit the city of Palau is shocking. The scientist is in a state of awe and majorly surprised. Though the count is of a thousand, yet the actual result could turn the figures drastically.

After tsunami in Indonesia - volcano

Officials are working upon the system to seek the Lord hole in their tsunami warning system. The system of warming has seismographic sensors, tidal gauges, buoys, and GPS. But none were able to detect the tsunami which rose to the height of 20 feet in Palu.

  • The earthquake hit the island at 6:30 pm.
  • The sensors were effective in detecting the same and notified a magnitude of 7.5
  • Now, an alarm and a warning were initiated to notify about the tsunami with a height of 9.8 feet.
  • As the waves turned intense, all the connectivity got disconnected, and the text message went undelivered.

Though the number revealed is less, yet a massive loss to the city lives of people and all around has completely shattered. And all because of Tsunami in Indonesia. 

Tsunami in Indonesia

The military men and the rescue team are actively looking and searching for lives day and night. Though the disaster is over, yet the damage is done. Even if the team successfully find all, misery in Palu would not end so quickly.

Tsunami in Indonesia
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