Tumbbad Movie Review : Cringe, Humorous, and tale of dark fantasies

Tumbbad Movie Review:

The Anil  Barve’s  Tumbbad movie intrigues both an offensive action and an entrance standard, Tumbbad is something that distinctly voices courage. A unique combination of Humor & Horror will be seen in this Bollywood movie. 

Tumbbad Movie Team:

The Tumbbad movie cast: Sohum Shah, Mohammad Samad, Anita Date, Deepak Damle, Jyoti Malshe

Tumbbad movie director: Rahi Anil Barve

See Tumbbad movie rating: Three and a half star

Tumbbad Movie Critics: A place with exotic beauty, and devious power. It keeps you engaged for the next 104 minutes.

The movie revolves around the lead Vinayak along with his family in a small town named Tumbbad. As the screen brightens you see a boy with a lean body, extremely tensed Outlook and eyes with impeccable dreams popping out of the window of a bus. A worried look on his face creates an impression different from his aggressive attitude. It seems as if he is going and a battery and ready to take over.

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Preface: Tumbbad Movie


Where his bus halts, he steps out only to enter in a huge and massive fort, a place that will take you back to the time of the 1990s. You will draw an impression that the fort is as old as to have survived plenty of rainfalls and mysterious weather. The fort still breathes in the town of Tumbbad endowed with the miseries of the environment. 

The next moment you witness a sluggish boy trying hard to push the door of the fort inside out. And here’s where the story takes a sleek turn. What you thought as a wonderful tale is now embodied with dark fantasy stories. Prophecy and greed unlock as the door opens. You are now about to step in the deserted world of Hastar. A secret hidden from all. The secret of Hastar – dicing to the womb of nature.

The plot is excellent and exquisitely portrayed. You will need to stick to the seat right from the start of the movie. Every moment gives a different stride. The perfect fusion of drama, horror, and folktales. Director Anil Barve’s debut movie is atrocious. It’s not refrained of a single plot. You find humor, misery, pain, secrets with a spoonful of greed. You keep guessing the scene and the director amazes you at every stance.

A boy living in the ominous town of Tumbbad leaves the place after his brother’s death. But something haunts him always. His childhood puzzle about their ancestral treasure does not allow him to settle in Pune and after fifteen years he is back on the land of Tumbbad. Mesmerizing right?

Ambiance And the Cinematography: Tumbbad Movie

Lush green surrounding, wet paths and tall trees take you to a different world. You are convinced that the palace is an example of sheer beauty. But on the other hand as the world of Hastar opens, you are amazed to witness a world of monsters, gloomy atmosphere and yellow colored. You are directly fed in the monstrous world.  A sudden gaze of fear induces and you have no idea what the next scene has in store for you. The cinematographer has done an outstanding job.


Subjected to a whole lot of pretense, the movie creates a beautiful start which authentically progresses to the next second half of the film. You can beautifully connect every scene.

Though the central theme is pretty simple the way it is executed makes it a bunch of what and why. Screenplay plays the masterstroke, and the movie looks deceptively layered.

So, this is not the old Raja Rani or the so cute fairy tale; this is a movie that will keep you hooked until the end. How do Vinayak open doors of the myth and the associated treasure hidden in the bed of Hastar would be worth looking? Let’s see how this Bollywood movie will perform on Box office, and how people will rate it. 

So, grab your tickets and see how the movie opens up for you. Do drop a comment below.

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