UK Penalize Facebook with £500,000 For Failing To Protect Its User Data

Facebook is penalizing with £500,000 by the Office of Information Commissioner. It is in arouse of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, after letting third-party developers access user data. In addition to this, the customer’s sufficient permission is not mentioning which results in the UK penalize Facebook.


The ICO declaration on Thursday (25th October) upholds its first decision in July. The charge, which represents a drop in the ocean for the corporation that brought in $40.7 billion (£31.5 billion) in global profits in the year 2017, was the utmost available to the watchdog under old data security legislation.

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The ICO found that the private data of at least 1 million Facebook users of UK was among collected information. This misuse of data is the primary concern in such a situation. It also claimed that Facebook could have faced a considerably higher fine of up to £1.2 billion. If the fine can work under the new dictatorial system.

The analysis found that the company failed to keep the delicate information of its user’s protection. They are failing to make appropriate checks on developers using its raised area.

These failures intended one developer, Aleksandr Kogan, was able to influence 300,000 users of Facebook. He asks them to install a persona testing application that fed back the Facebook data of both customers. The data includes their friends, enabling him to gather the profiles of up to 87 million users of Facebook. The data at risk is global without their consent.



A division of the data was later bestowing with other organizations. Especially with SCL Group, the holding company of Cambridge Analytica. They are occupying in running target Facebook advertisements in US political disputes. However, it collapses previously this year following a sequence of reports by the viewers.

The analysis also says, based on information as per Facebook, it did not, at this time have any facts. The facts that the British Facebook users’ social media data is now communal with Cambridge Analytica.

ICO Information Commissioner’s views on the issue; 

On the other hand, the information commissioner said that in any possibility the lack of controls on the data of UK is putting people was “serious threat.” The misuse of data for political protest or campaigning would be common scenario., even if this did not indeed take place.

“Even after the mishandling of the information was founded in the year of December 2015, Facebook did not do as much as necessary to ensure those who continued to grip it had taken sufficient and timely remedial action, including crossing out,” said the report of ICO. “In the case of SCL Group, the company did not dangle the corporation from its platform until the year 2018.”


The charge is likely to feed into the ever-increasing consent in Westminster. The statement says that some form of strong latest regulation is essential to control major IT companies. This occurs with the administration likely to propose new legislation in the upcoming months.

Elizabeth Denham, the Information Commissioner, also came forward. She said “We believe these breaches to be so severe we imposed the highest penalty under the earlier legislation. The charge would certainly have been considerably higher beneath the GDPR. One of our major motivations for taking constraint action is to make a significant change in how organizations handle the personal data of people.”

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Will Facebook Appeal The Verdict?

Facebook, which has the authority to appeal the verdict, said: “We are presently reviewing the decision of ICO. While we courteously disagree with some of their conclusions, we have said before that we should have done more to examine claims about Cambridge Analytica and taken action in the year 2015. We are obliged that the ICO has approved our full cooperation during their analysis, and have also confirmed they have found no proof to suggest the data of the Facebook user of UK was shared with Cambridge Analytica.”

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