Ways Social Media Is Ruining Lives Of People

Social Media is the new hookup for the youngster. Almost 75% of the youth today owns access to the internet. Also, it does not end here; the number is rising with each passing day. Usage is okay as long as it does not turn into an addiction. Smart Phones are now at the fingertips of all of us because of the increasing accessibility of the internet.

Social Media Addiction

Socially Unsocial

The Real Meaning Of Social Media

The world saw the rise of Social Media with the sole aim of connecting people. An online portal that helps you connect with your peers and update them with your everyday activity. But as digitization has marked its presence in the online world, people rely upon their smartphones. Many times it is seen that people prefer connecting over calls rather than personal meetups.

Social Media Addiction

Besides, being a staple in the society, smartphones have made life more comfortable. But don’t you think that were are overusing the technology?


Impact Of Social Media On Our Life

Antisocial Behavior: As more and more teenagers are getting exposure to the social media, kids have lost their innocence. Childhood is all about social exposure physically. But, today people are more prone to online games and videos for most of the day. Kids nowadays prefer updating their social media accounts rather than face to face interaction. You would not be amazed to find newborn kids chattering on smartphones. People are dependent, and by this, I mean addicted. Social media affects mental health.

Social Media Addiction

Innocent Addiction

Addiction: Here comes the significant impact of social media in the life of all. Once a necessity, now a habit. Gone are the days when drugs and alcohol ranged in the so-called world of addiction. The next-gen youth find dependence in Smartphones. Platforms similar to Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram captivates the minds of all. People are online 24/7. They are busy throughout. But you know where? Refreshing is updating their status on the so-called social media. 

Social Media Addiction

World of Apps

Disrupted Sleep: Using too much of smartphones lead to lack of sleep. You know what? Most of the people today have the habit of checking their smartphones before bed and after waking up. Some are so addicted that they wake in the middle of the night, to check their FB status. Funny? Not for the youth. Wake up guys, socila media affects mental health drastically.

Social Media Addiction

Your Sleep Partner

The someone else Relationships: Several pieces of research prove that Smartphones distraction has led to ruining many love relationship. Staying on the phone or social media while on a date can be the most common reason for your breakup. Be aware; you might lose your partner. If you hook with your phone, your partner could experience anger, and the aftermath is well known to you.

Cyber Bullying: Social Media: Fascinating right? But similar to the sides of a coin, everything has two faces. Where it brings an array of advantages and attractive elements, cyber Bullying can be something you might not know. One of the major issues in social media and also the one responsible for victimizing people, this could be worse. Because people avoid reporting or complaining, this issues goes unnoticed most of the time.

Social Media Addiction






We all are humans, and we must know are limits. Technologies, their usage, and advantages all boost life but only when you use it right. Social Media addiction is one such thing, we largely need to focus at. 

Social Media Addiction

You need to tame social media, social media is not for taming you.

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