Weight Gain During Pregnancy? Know How To Get Fit Again?

Are you in between a rock and hard situation when it comes to weight gain during pregnancy? Pregnancy and everyday jobs that go with it are no joke. And to top it all off, you will have to face problems of self-image.

Causes of Weight Gain after Pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy is quite normal. If you have been noticing your weight has increased even when you have already given birth to your toddler, don’t hassle too much. Chances are, your body is still unstable at this point, and it is still adjusting with this phase.

Your body needs at least two months to recover fully. It depends from one person to another because there are lucky women out there who have admirable body conditions that can get rid of extra flab in no time.

But moving on, here are some of the major causes why there is weight gain during and after pregnancy:

  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Lack of Sleep
Weight Gain During Pregnancy
Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Things to keep in mind if you are the mother of a newborn

Get fit again:

To get fit again should also be at the top of your priority in addition to taking care of the hottest addition to your family. But somehow, this is easier said than done. Let us discuss how you can deal with weight gain during pregnancy on a more realistic note.

Let us all be practical here. This is not a method that yields overnight consequences. And it does involve hard work there is no way of dodging that problem. Change has to start within you. First of all, motivate yourself. Make sure that you are 100 percent ready for this practice. Most people wade in the weight loss ideas half-heartedly, so the consequences are not that good.

Low-Calorie Diets which can take care of your health as well as your Appetite

  • Make a vision board. Put in their photographs of your old self or pictures of people with perfect bodies. Put your vision board in your bedroom or your exercises area. This way, you will feel motivated all the time.
  • The 2nd thing you should do is to modify your eating habits. If you are still gorging on processed and packed eatables, it is time to think again. Go for healthier eatable choices. You can still eat your serving of pasta but make it whole wheat pasta and cut your typical serving into the half.
  • Load up more on fresh fruits and leafy vegetables. As a substitute for eating red meat, choose white meat in its place. The taste is not that unlike, also, it has less fat in it. You can still get your everyday dose of proteins. You can eat healthier and not have to go hungry to death. You also need nutrition especially when you are breastfeeding your newborn.
  • Every miniature exercise routine also counts. You can put your newborn in a stroller and have a peaceful work in the park. Exercising does not always have to mean thumping the gym. Walking can burn calories as much as the treadmill in the fitness center. It is even better as this low energy activity can help you burn calories longer as it does not get you exhausted easily.
  • If you have friends who are also mothers, you can brainstorm for more exercising ideas to deal with weight gain during pregnancy. If you have a support system around you, you will not slack off and put off the exercise routine you have developed.

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