What is an editable QR code and why it is the best QR code type that every business should start to have?

Throughout the years, starting and small businesses are struggling to operate their businesses efficiently at a low cost. Now that modernization is stepping in to help them how they can run their business efficiently and at a low cost, choosing which technology to use is can be hard for them.

As for choosing which technology requires various factors needed to be considered, business owners are torn between choosing a novel tech over the known ones. But since more people are getting the hang of scanning QR codes, many starting and small businesses are now giving this technology a shot in making their business operations budget and customer friendly.

And for them to visualize which type of QR code should they integrate into their business. The following comparison is laid out.

Editable QR code Vs. Static QR codes

There are two types of QR codes, a Static QR code, and a dynamic/editable QR code. When a Static QR code is created, the information or the data is fixed. It will not allow you to edit its address, cannot track data and Static QR codes are free.

While an editable QR code allows a user to change data and can edit your QR code content and it’s hassle-free for printing. Because of its other useful features, tech enthusiasts recommend the use of this type of QR code for businesses.

Editable QR code

An editable QR code or also called a dynamic QR code is a type of QR code that lets a user embed and edit/change the content of the code without the need of making a new QR code.

Aside from its content change/update feature, this type of QR code also lets the user track important scan statistics in real-time as the number of scans, location of the scans made, type of device used in scanning, and date of the scan made.

Benefits of having an Editable QR code for Business

1. Great for long-term use. Good for business owners who like to edit their QR code content URL from time to time.

2. You can track the scans, location and the device used for scanning.

3. It saves money and time. Once you have a Dynamic QR code, you will no longer need to reprint or make a new one for other similar business functions.

4. You can edit its content.

How to generate an editable QR code?

You can start creating your editable QR code by simply following these 5 simple steps.

1. Open a QR code generator with logo online and sign up.

2. Choose the type of QR code feature/category your content belongs to and

want to embed.

3. Generate as a dynamic QR code

4. Personalize your QR code design and test if it works.

5.Save your QR code by downloading and start deploying them.

How to edit your editable QR code content?

To change the data in your editable QR code, here are the following simple steps that you need to bear in mind.

1. Log in to your QR code generator account.

2. Click “Track Data”.

3. Click your categories to which Dynamic QR code you want to edit. The edit option is beside the PNG/SVG buttons on the left corner of the screen.

4. After clicking the edit button, you can now change the content and save it.

5. Once you saved your changes made, run a scan test to ensure the right content replacement.


As running a successful business is factored by the way how it is operated, choosing which type of QR code technology to use matters.

Since the competition in the modern setup tightens, knowing how they can outwit the competitor is important. And thanks to the availability of a QR code generator online, small businesses can make the most out of modernizing their business operations by acquiring knowledge on how they can serve their customers better. 

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