Million Dollar Question what a Woman thinks about man and how?

A girl is a box of thoughts, and you can hardly know what a woman thinks. While she could be the best company to have in one place, another phase would regret being with her. She is the cutest when she is in a happy mood she is as cuddly as a newborn when she is with her partner. You may know all the possible characteristics of a human, but you will never be able to know a woman. No matter how long you be with her but it is “NOT POSSIBLE”  to know everything about her. Often you will encounter with the fact that woman can have the various opinion on the same situation and she can prove it all the time 🙂  she needs to right no matter how?

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Like, how can you be so prompt?

Well, guys, you need to dive into the sea millions of time to know what a woman thinks. So, better do not research more and read further.

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Women – About Male Friends

TrickyTruth,girl woth male ffien

You are supposedly her best friend. She expects you to prioritize her. Even before your own girlfriend. Yes, you need to otherwise, she will kick you hundreds of times with no mercy.

Here’s another, few girls expect their male friends to date them. Eh? Really?

Yes, you know they have this in the back of their mind that someday, sometime, you are definitely gonna propose her.

You know what girls are more choosy in their male friends rather than their boyfriends. BF would eventually do all she wishes him to. But tackling a male friend is way tougher. You know like the Dostana type, she might be a little carefree and jump and roll over you.


She knows you always look for instances to tease her or make fun of her. For her, you are the most irritating person on Earth. It’s like your sole job is to find flaws in her. Sometimes she would be like, why the heck has this place person taken birth?

Well, it might seem a little complicated as the entire world would doubt you to a couple’s, she could be one who sees a platonic relationship. Don’t scratch your head. She finds you apt for her book look or the foodie zone and so you are friend zone.

Aww, My poor boy…

Nevertheless, you are her perfect love guru. She believes her male friends to be far more romantic than their spouse. But why girls?


To make her spouse, jealous… yeah, it’s true.

Top 10 Do’s and Dont’s For Dating
On Men as “Boyfriend” – what a woman thinks?

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Moving a step ahead, girls seek men who are attractive as the”Boyfriend” material. No, you are not a thing that she is to buy but you need to pass her list of expectations to be her type. Let’s go through what the queen wants from her king?

  • You should be settled. Most of the time females look for men who have a stable life.
  • You are not allowed to stalk other women, not even in your dreams.
  • You need to say yes on everything she wants.
  • You should be the one waiting for her.
  • You cannot cry – men don’t cry, please.
  • You have to be better than her best friends boyfriend no matter he is the son of a rich entrepreneur. If he gifts her of a Rolex watch, you need to buy yours an Audi.
  • You know how to respect women and talk diligently as if everyone is your sister. Lol!

TrickyTruth, girl with her boyfriend

And, the list doesn’t end here. It’s not that women are bad, but we do these things knowing or unknowingly. Girls like to put up an impression that her boyfriend is the best. To turn your relationship spicier, read the do’s and don’ts in dating. 

Apt For Marriage – What a woman thinks?

Women are best with their male friends, a little better with their Boyfriend. But when it comes to their husband. She fidgets.

TrickyTruth, love

Because, this time, it’s not a person but a family. Yeah, it is said that men suffer in marriage. They are dominated by their wives. And yes this is true too. But here, a man needs to understand that she has left a part of her life to blossom his. She takes her time before choosing her life partner. She is a little bossy in her attitude towards her man. Because now, she can say you are mine.

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She expects you to remember her birthday but because she wants to care. She doesn’t want you to talk a lot with other women, because she fears she might lose you. She calls you plenty of times before you reach home because she cares.

It’s true that she wants you to be perfect, yet she seeks you as an idol.


A lot of sentimental speech, let’s quickly see what our love ladies think about their so-called Pati Parmeshwar:

  • A guy for marriage should be an independent focus
  • She should be able to pay bills.
  • Women consider men who are mature as apt for marriages.
  • Her marriage material should support her always.
  • Women are biased and so going out with your female friends is a big no. No matter she is out with her male bestie.
  • She is always right. Learn this.
  • A happy man is a myth. Girls believe this. Often after a fight, you will definitely get to bear this, you are never satisfied.

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Hahaha, yes these happen. 

So what next?

From being good looking to wrinkle-free, a woman wants a boy to be very caring and supporting. Clean and dressed beautifully, a smile to add charm to his face, what a woman thinks is no longer a mystery if you try to know her.


Yet, it is impossible to judge a woman or see what a woman thinks. The time you feel that you have mastered the art of decoding her mood, the next moment she would do something that will beautifully crash your belief.

Her opinion is her opinion and None of your opinion.

So, stay out else you will mess yourself but still not guaranteed. 


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