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Ever since the Indian revolution, Yoga is one such term that has gained the plethora of attention. Many researchers have evidence of yoga as an amalgamation of benefits. Health experts and medical professionals have left no stone unturned to facilitate aasanasa practice in day to day life. Few around you would say it as an overrated workout regime, or few would compel you to believe it as a fad. An upsurge in popularity, but not many people know the exact meaning of yoga and from where the word originated, are you a yoga geek?

Do you know what the term unfolds?

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Meaning of Yoga

Before we dive into the health benefits of doing aasanas, let’s vouch for the real purpose of the recently hyped term Yoga. Some signify it as postures causing flexibility while few consider it as the modern training. Eventually, yoga is a simple term for Union. An excellent method to fuse mind, soul, body, performing significant postures, full control over your breath and also meditating.

This might create an image that assanas is a blend of twists and turns while controlling your breath. But there’s a lot more to know. A state of mind when you directly connect with your inner spirit. Practicing asana brings you to a position where you can count your breath and perceive reality the way it is. Overpowering your mind, it would induce a belief of the entire universe is one. And so Union.

In the belief of Patanjali, the founder of aasanas –

Sthiram Sukham Asanam

Voicing that any position with is comfortable and firm can be your aasanas. While asana is just a start of it, the real meaning is in blending your mind, spirit, and body. Tune yourself with the beat of the soulful music and indulge in practicing aasanas.

Why one should Yoga

Till now, you would just have created an image of aasanas as something to refresh your mind, soul as well as body or something that adds happiness or something that spreads peace around you. Hence, yoga for mind. 

But is it has to be this, and then I would prefer making lunges on hep music in the gym or opt for dance classes. Agree?

So why do Yoga?

Studies and thesis suggest that currently more than 90% of the population practice aasanas. I recently happened to meet a lady in the compartment who regularly performs aasanas. I just went to ask her why? She said: “Yoga is a stress buster, I feel rejuvenated. Even if it lasts or 30 minutes, I feel relieved. To add on it brings me back in shape”.

Impressive right?

Yoga does all that she said. But things she said is tangible. Yoga extends beyond it. It has proven that nearly 85% of the people in yoga underwent a drastic change. A change in spirituality, in the way they perceive things. Above all, yoga is all about self-realization. You are more patient, Sthir the exact word. To make it better, doing aasanas is the best to induce self-awareness and a sense of kindness.

Health Benefits

Performing aasanas not just soothes your mind or spirit. What drive people towards accomplishing yoga is the pool of health benefits it provides. Of course, performing aasanas would not cure a disease but yes it can either prevent or reduce the effect of the same. Yoga helps you to know your body a better way and also tame it your way. There are pool of benefits of yoga.

Internal Benefits Of Yoga

  • Doing aasanas increases the blood circulation that boosts oxygen and mineral transportation across the body.
  • Proper oxygenation reduces the blood pressure level considerably.
  • Yoga relaxes your body, and so does your pulse rate. An excellent benefit of yoga.
  • Controlled breath prevented respiratory issues.
  • Leverage cardiovascular endurance is owing to efficient oxygenation.
  • Practicing asana leads to better immunity.
  • Yoga makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated.
  • A smooth session leads to better sleep.

Apart from the inherent health advantage, performing as an is best to prevent aging earlier, boosts flexibility, increase your body strength and also a better posture. 

How to practice Yoga?

We all are decked up in our day to day life. Hardly we find time for ourselves and in such a case looking for aasanas would be hard. I understand. But as said if you want it, you will have it.


No, not really.

Aasanas might be tough for you to add to your daily schedule but it is not rocket science. A simple tweak and there you go. Don’t worry; I have a few tips for you to make it easy.

  • Be ready with your essentials. A Yoga mat is a must. You can add other props to ensure safety and comfort. Wear a comfortable outfit to perform aasanas.
  • Schedule time for it. There is no hard and fast rule to do it early morning or post dawn. All you need is a time you would follow regularly. Practicing aasanas the first thing in the morning would naturally energize you and keep you active throughout the day whereas doing it late would help you relieve stress and enhance sleep.
  • Choose a serene place. A right time alone would not do. You need to add the right ambiance. Switch off your gadgets. If you want you can add slow music but make sure your phone does not be. And even if it does, you are not attracted towards it.
  • It’s not quantity but quality. You might miss a day but don’t get hyper. Restart from where you stopped. Pick up the pace again and move on. It is not a short-term goal, but a daily practice would bring a lot of benefits of yoga.
  • Strive towards perfection but not at the cost of your body. Never overdo an asana. You might risk your health. Do it to the extent you feel comfortable. Daily practice would make you better.

Having said all of the above, have a quick look at the various types of aasanas here.

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How Yoga changes the life?

After reading all, you would wonder how does aasanas changes life. Some who have been practicing it for long stated that life changes enormously. Either your body experiences significant transformation or feels light. However, these changes take place over time and are not sudden. It is a slow and steady process. So noticing the changes would require patience. So, just before we end our journey of power yoga, vouch out a few ways it can change your life.

  • A newbie finds it hard to get into the right posture. Those twirl and twist in the aasanas require a great deal of struggle. But wait, don’t you think you are on a journey to step ahead of your comfort zone.
  • Often laughed at the site of Yogi’s blocking their body, but when you see yourself in such an austere, dare you to smile.
  • You are more concerned about your health and body. Suddenly those love handles seem to attract your attention. And as you see them shrinking, you are more into practice.
  • Once you win over the simple asana, you are way too confident to start with the tough ones
  • Helps to practice controlling your mind.
  • Better control over your breath and also monitor them.
  • Improves body posture. 

So, all set to spice your life with power yoga practices?

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